New Data Reveals That People in the East Like Nasi Lemak While Westies Like Mee Sua

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Now, before anything, here’s a disclaimer: people in the North, South, East, West and Central all love cai png. There’s no doubt about it, and this data is derived from a chat in the Goody Feed office during lunch break.

If you want more reliable data, then read on, and prepare to agree to disagree, because this new data based on real statistics has caused a certain WW3 in the office, with all of the disagreeing (but hey, numbers don’t lie, do they?)

Deliveroo, one of the food delivery services in Singapore, has cleverly compiled some data that seem useless at first glance, but turns out to be super controversial – at least to foodies.

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You see, since they’re doing food delivery every day, they would know what foods are popular in certain areas of Singapore. Granted that it might not be a true representation (e.g. this region got one kick-ass nasi lemak that everyone’s gunning for), it’s still good to know.

Here, the infographic you’ve been waiting for.

Image: Deliveroo

Digesting the Food Preferences in Different Regions

Over in the West, Taiwan and Japan have a bigger influence on our foodie cravings, with Bukit Batok, Jurong and Boon Lay racking up hundreds of orders of Oyster Mee Sua between them. Here’s a disclaimer my colleague forced me to include: our office is in Bukit Batok and he lives in Jurong, but never once has he ordered Oyster Mee Sua #justsaying

Those living in the North West, however, have found their soymate in Japan’s famous sushi rolls. Now, just another colleague chiming in: the fit guy who has six-pack and live in Choa Chu Kang don’t even makan sushi. Chicken breast is his BFF, but moving on.

Moving up toward the North, we’re feeling all the feels for Nasi Ayam Penyet. Woodlands and Ang Mo Kio can’t get enough of that smashed, fried chicken. Okay, here got some truth: we’ve people living in Woodlands and they ordered fried chicken, but not Ayam Penyet. Close enough.

In the east, it’s nasi lemak. I’m shook that nasi lemak just came top in two districts: either the Government’s fight against diabetes is working, or nasi lemak is no longer being consumed as a dish but as…novel creations such a nasi lemak curry puff or nasi lemak ice-cream (what were they thinking?!)

Lest you think chicken rice is sorely absent, don’t be mistaken: it fits right in the central of Singapore. After all, it’s our national dish, thought I don’t understand why people living in Orchard would prefer chicken rice than some high-SES food.

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(Since you’re here, subscribe to our YouTube Channel for more informative videos lah)

While most of the top foodie choices are inspired by the cuisines of our local Asian neighbours, down in Bukit Merah and Alexandra, it’s Spain’s Paella Rice that takes the number one spot. Whoever says the high-SES people live in Sentosa?

And speaking of Sentosa, it’s French Fries that are most in demand. That’s weird, but anyways.

In the CBD, office workers just can’t get enough of smoked salmon. On salads, in sandwiches or paired with an egg, they’ll take smoked salmon just about anyway they can get it. That’s understandable, given that office workers usually spend a bulk of their time on their desk: they need something healthy.

Or maybe they’re just richer (CBD workers leh, highest-SES leh!)

Here’s the list for your reference:

  • North – Nasi Ayam Penyet
  • North West – Mega San Sushi
  • South West – Plain Naan
  • Far West – Handmade Oyster Mee Sua
  • Central – Chicken Rice
  • CBD – Smoked Salmon
  • North East – Nasi Lemak Chicken Cutlet
  • South East – Tandoori Roti
  • Far East – Nasi Lemak Chicken Wing
  • South – Paella Rice
  • Sentosa – French Fries

Do you disagree? If so, then go order some other dishes from Deliveroo. You have the power to change the results of this data.

Though I seriously wonder why you’d do that.

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