New Dating App Matches Couples Based on What They Have In Their Refrigerators

Move over, Tinder. There’s gonna be a new dating app in town and this one’s nothing like your superficial ass that depends on such flawed factors as looks. No. Rather, this new app’s gonna be…

  • Lit
  • Revealing
  • Intimate

As well as…

  • Cooling
  • Electrifying
  • Bright

All at the same time.


For rather than judging a person’s attractiveness by the face, body or butt cheeks, this new app depends on just one thing:

The interior of your refrigerator.

Image: Unsplash/Alexandru Acea

The Dating App You Never Knew You Needed

If you’ve been persistently looking for an app that does not hook you up with f*ckbois, this is it (probably).

The brainchild of John Stonehill, the app, Refrigerdating, is a service that helps you to find love based on the content of your fridge. By uploading an image of your food, you can get into contact with others who have realised that you’re what you eat. The app will subsequently match you with a variety of fridges, of different tastes, to pick and choose from.

Incidentally, the app works with Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator, which retails for around US$3,000 (S$4,060). There’s a screen in the door that can display the contents of your fridge, and the idea’s that you can check your phone while you’re at the store, to find out if you’re out of milk.

Image: The New York Times

But wait… how can you even tell someone’s personality from their fridge?

Well, this is kinda ambiguous.

For instance, a study in the journal Appetite found that risk takers tend to like spicy food.

And according to researchers from North Dakota State University, people with a sweet tooth tend to possess sweet personalities.

Another study from the journal Appetite showed how bitter taste preferences might be linked to anti-social personality traits. Those were the strongest preferences for bitter foods, the authors wrote, which showed “the most robust relation to everyday sadism and psychopathy.”

And according to Dr Alberto Ascherio, a professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, there’s a correlation between the consumption of certain foods and depression as well.

So yeah, with all things considered, the interior of your fridge does play a part in revealing your potential partner’s identity. Plus, surely a fridge stocked with fresh fruits and vegetables will appeal more than say, a fridge stocked with expiring products and whatnot, considering how the former exemplifies a person that cares about their health.


Unbeknownst to the majority, John Stonehill’s own dating experience stemmed from a refrigerator experience.

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The first time he was invited back to his girlfriend’s house, he went straight for the refrigerator. Made of stainless steel with a water and ice dispenser, it told him that his girlfriend, Rachel, was financially comfortable.

Additionally, the contents told a story too. Stocked with a bottle of wine, a bottle of Champagne, hummus, olives, fresh fruit and vegetables, the fridge apparently spoke a lot about her personality. “I came away knowing a great deal about her,” Stonehill said. “Refrigerators are filled with clues about the people who own them.

“In Rachel’s case, it told me she liked to entertain and could probably create a quick and shareable snack for friends who unexpectedly popped by.”

As it happened, they’ve been married for nine years, and surely it’s an indicator that refrigerator-based dating isn’t just possible, but lasting.

“Refrigerators are great cheat sheets because you can learn a lot about a person,” Stonehill said.

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And so well, what’re you waiting for?

If you’ve been using the mainstream dating apps only to recoil from the lack of success, I’m telling you;

Refrigerdating might just be that thing you’re looking for.


After all, for once, your attractiveness is not based off your physical appearance, but rather something you can actually really take charge of. No plastic surgery required;

Just hard work in profiling your regular refrigerator routine.

Although of course, as the site cautioned before, users should not style their fridges before taking the pictures as “cheating and relationships don’t go together well.” After all…

Catfishing isn’t limited to just Tinder, so try not to incorporate it in this new dating app as well. 😉

Image: MemeGen
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