New HDB Flats Would Have Condo-Like Features & Design


Getting a new HDB flat soon?

You’re in luck, because it’s going to look much more Instagram worthy.

Already have one? Too bad. Click away because this is going to make you jelly.

New Upgrades That “Condo-ised” HDB

Yesterday (5 June 2019), the Housing Development Board (HDB) announced that new Build-To-Order (BTO) flats sold from February onwards will receive new upgrades.

The upgrades include higher-quality furnishing like water-efficient toilets and tougher porcelain tiles.

HDB is making this change to make new flats more modernised, and to bring their standards closer to mass market condominiums. Which means that even HDBs are going to start looking like condos, not just externally but its interior, too.

Despite the upgrade, HDB said that prices of new flats will not increase. Even with the new upgrades.


Which makes it worth every single cent.

The deputy director, Jansen Foo, also added that although there is a marginal cost increase, HDB is able to achieve economies of scale and will hence absorb all the costs involved.

How generous of HDB.

So…what can we expect?

Upgraded Bathrooms

I don’t know about you, but if a house has a really nice bathroom, I’m instantly sold. Just me? Okay then.

(Editor’s Note: Me too. Nothing beats staying in the bathroom for hours after a long day of work)

The new toilets will come with low-capacity dual flushes. And the best thing? It’ll also come with a wider range of contemporary designs for you to choose from if you’re getting a new house.

Image: Facebook (Housing & Development Board)

All taps installed will also have a rating of at least “Very Good” under the national water agency PUB’s Water Efficient Labelling Scheme, so you can save a little on your bills.

Mr Foo also added that they are also using better sanitary fittings, and that they look sleeker.

Wired-glass louvred windows will also be placed in kitchens and toilets, making them more durable and much easier to clean.

New Designs for Floors

Image: Facebook (Housing & Development Board)

Thresholds between bathrooms and living rooms, kitchen and service yards will be replaced by a 20mm drop instead of a ramp. This change was made because of feedback that HDB got from several home owners, who said that water seeps out from the toilet and kitchen and into other rooms.


The new flats will still be accessible for wheelchair users.

New Tiles

Ceramic tiles will also be replaced with glazed porcelain tiles, which will make them more durable and will last longer. Bathroom and kitchen tiles will also be bigger. Bathroom tiles will measure 30cm by 30cm to 30cm by 60cm, while kitchen tiles will measure 30cm by 60cm to 60cm by 60cm.


The use of such measurements is to save about 15% of man-hours spent for fitting in each unit.

Mr Foo said, “The time saving is mainly due to the reduced reliance on manual processes. This includes reducing the number of tiles required to be cut and installed and the doing away of the construction of ramps at the thresholds.”

Ah, okay, not for the looks ah.

Upgraded Gates and Doors

The new range of fittings will give the flat a more modernised look as well. It will include enhancements in entrance gates and windows for easier maintenance and use. Thumb-turn knobs will be installed inside of steel gates, so that homeowners do not need to use a key to unlock their door from the inside.

Image: Facebook (Housing & Development Board)

Mr Foo explained that all these changes were made due to feedback which they received from homeowners in current homes. They took them into consideration before making these changes as they wish to provide homes which homeowners are proud to own.

You can watch the entire tour here:


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