New Hello Panda Coconut Biscuits: Sinful But Worth Every Calorie With Its Perfect Combination


First things first, I’ve been a Hello Panda fan for as long as I can remember, and I’m not saying that just so that I can get free Hello Panda biscuits or anything like that.

Totally not.

So you can only imagine my surprise, excitement and raucous laughter when this turned up at our doorstep (though to be fair I kinda shamelessly requested for it in the first place).

We get to taste test Hello Panda’s newest flavour just when it officially hits the shelves?


Incidentally, they were so nice they delivered an actual coconut (as well as a really aesthetic looking flower basket that can be seen as the backdrop in the first picture)…

But I’m kinda sure that’s not the focal point, so moving on.


Because I love Hello Panda so much, I’m going to present its newest rendition in a flattering light.



But you get the picture; the newest flavour, Coconut, comes adorned in a beach-themed packet with our beloved panda decked out in Hawaii clothes and motioning to an opened coconut.

I must say; this is one pretty visually appealing exterior! Although to be fair, I do like Blue.

No not the dinosaur in Jurassic World Part 2. But I like that one too.

Getting down to business

But of course, we can’t just stare blankly at the packaging for ages. And so we set about performing the next step:

Unveiling the interior.

A pretty nice blend of green and silver, but that’s not what we want either. So as much as we hate to do it…


Off with its head.

And there we have it, the biscuits we have been craving so much for since the start of time. And just look at our colleague’s face; his expression says it all.

True unbridled joy. 

Creamy Coconut filling

You know how you bought something new and can’t bear to use it at the start because of some weird ass reason? Well, it’s the same for these biscuits.


We can’t bear to taste them because they just look so good.

But we’re professionals, and so we had to do it.



Gotta say; I don’t dislike this view at all! The filling looks generous and creamy, and really has that appetising feel to it.

And with that said, it’s time to judge the most important criteria of them all…


So… how does it taste? Our colleague Boon Boon was keen to find out. And more than a dozen mouthfuls later, he was looking at his now empty packet with a wistful look on his face.

Well no doubt about it, it must be pretty good. But I asked him about it anyway.

“Well, it’s good,” he said.

Well, no wonder you finished the whole packet in like 25 seconds flat.

“Um well yeah,” he replied sheepishly.


Describe the taste.

“Hmm…” he looked thoughtful. “You know those white cookies your relatives always stock up every CNY?”

What, Suji?

“No, not that. Another one.”

Kuih Bangkit?

Image: Look See Eat

“Yeah, yeah, that’s the one!” he replied excitedly. “It tastes somewhat like it, except… Hello Panda style lo.”

So it’s basically the signature Hello Panda biscuit crunch, coupled with a creamy filling remniscent of your old Kuih Bangkit?


Hmm, that does sound tantalising.

Intrigued (and because I really wanted to try one for myself), I opened up another packet of the 4 that were originally sent to us, and popped one into my mouth.

Damn, it’s good.

Before I knew it, I had downed four, and only stopped because I had an article to finish. But Boon Boon was right; it reminded me of Kuih Bangkit done biscuit style, Hello Panda style to be exact, and every bite was a coconut-ey, creamy one.



The burning question remains.

Would we get it again?

And suffice it to say…

The answer was a resounding yes

As a general consensus, we have this to say:

If you’re a Hello Panda fan, and await every new flavour with gusto, this is a definite must-try. But honestly, if you’re a fan of all things coconut-ey OR biscuit-ey, this is one product you should probably try.

Hello Panda Coconut

Bringing a local twist to Meiji’s Hello Panda is a brand-new coconut flavour, to be first introduced in Singapore before the global roll-out. Hello Panda Coconut contains natural coconut extract in a light and smooth-textured cream, wrapped in its signature crunchy biscuit. The new flavour promises a delicately balanced snack with a burst of authentic coconut fragrance

Hello Panda Coconut will be the latest addition to the brand’s six flavours. (Chocolate, Strawberry, Milk, Double Chocolate, Matcha Green Tea, and Chocomilk)

And in case you’re wondering, the flavour will be widely available from June 2018 in most leading retailers, so keep a look out!

Note: as unbelievable as it sounds, this article was NOT written in collaboration with Hello Panda. If you’ve followed our contents, you’ll know that we’re very transparent about our sponsored contents. The biscuits, however, were a fair bit of generosity on their part, and something we don’t mind at all.


I nearly forgot, but this one’s for all the health junkies out there.

One box, with two servings, has 316 calories.

But then again, it’s a snack, so you can’t really expect it to rival say, a steamed chicken breast in the protein department.

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