New Mall Opening Near JB Customs on 28 March 2019 Has Jay Chou’s Sandwich Shop, Offers Alternative To JB City Square Cinema


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Eh, want to go watch a cheap movie at JB City Square cinema? 

Don’t noob can, there’s a new cinema that’s more luxurious leh.

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Singaporeans and Malaysians are forever in a tug-of-war when it comes to items we believe belonged to us.

Ice cream sandwich, chilli crab, ayam penyet; everybody’s convinced it belonged to their own country.

Except for one thing: City Square.

Singapore has a City Square at Farrer Park, and Johor Bahru has one too.


But mention City Square to any Singaporean and the first thing that comes to their minds is the one where you need your passport to go to.

city square outside
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City Square

Located just beside the customs, every Singaporean loved this place.

There are plenty of familiar brands there, including big-name restaurants and eateries, where Singaporeans can eat at a cheaper price thanks to the currency exchange.

But guess what?

A new mall is opening up soon in JB and it’s like a new and improved version of City Square.

R&F Mall

new jb mall

Just a seven-minute walk from Johor Bahru CIQ (Customs, Immigrations and Quarantine Complex), this mall is accessible via a bridge, so Singaporeans who are not familiar with the lay of the land will not get lost.

It’s designed to bring an “international shopping experience” into Malaysia and is the perfect combination of in-and outdoor facilities.

Hong Kong Cinema at JB New Mall

And when the developers say international, they really mean international.

One of the mall’s main tenants is Emporer Cinema who hails from Hong Kong and pride themselves on providing a movie experience that’s out of this world.

So if you frequently go to JB City Square cinema for movies, you might want to check this out.

alternative to jb city square cinema

According to their website, you can expect comfortable leather cinema seats (with footrests) and a USB charging port.

Plus, the food they serve is above the usual cinema fare too.

jb cinema food
Image: Instagram (MaximalConcepts)

And the best part?

Because you’re earning SGD and spending MYR, you’re practically getting the gold-class treatment without the gold-class price tag.


Who says you can only watch movies at JB City Square cinema?

Carl’s Junior

Carl’s Junior is known for their supersized food portions at a hefty price.

But switch the location of Carl’s Junior to across the borders and you’ll be looking at the same portion for cheaper.

Something like this:

A burger complete with drink and fries cost RM17,80 will cost you about S$6.


And that’s just the mainstream options.

Taiwan Eateries

极渴 (Ji Ke)

jb drinks
Image: Instagram (h_a_n.7)

极渴 (Ji Ke) is a popular joint from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, who specialises in mason jar teas.

Given how we love Taiwan’s black sugar fresh milk and Thailand’s sweet Thai Milk Tea, this is another drink that we might just love going crazy over.

Plus, it’s Instagram-worthy.

jb drinks
Image: Instagram (h_a_n.7)

Enough said.


Liang Sandwich Shop

Remember him?

Image: Tinseltown /

And the sandwich shop he endorses.

Well, there’s going to be a scallion pancake sandwich bar at R&F mall.

And according to my colleague:

It’s essentially kosong prata sandwich with eggs, chicken and whatnot, finished with sauces like a Subway sandwich.

I’ve tried it before and all I can say is that I’ll try it a few thousand times again if I’m as rich as Jay Chou. The “prata” is both fluffy and crispy, and with the sauce that sinks into the prata without being too overpowering, every bite is refreshing and savoury.

In other words, it’s good.


And More!

Okay, this stuff that I’ve mentioned above? They’re just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, don’t take our word for it. Make your own way down to JB and see it for yourself.

The mall isn’t slated to open anytime soon.


They’re going to have a soft opening on 28 Mar 2019.

There will be a 2-week long lucky draw where you can win prizes like a 4D3N trip to Finland for two or flight tickets to Seoul.

All you have to do is to spend RM30 in a single receipt at the mall, which, to be honest, is easily doable, no?

On the day of the soft opening itself, there will also be goodie bags with exclusive gifts and shopping vouchers for a limited number of customers.

You can check out their T&Cs here.

So What Are You Waiting For? Time to Go JB Liao!

Time to jio your kakis together and plan a trip across the causeway liao.

The mall is located directly opposite City Square.

Image: Google Maps

While it’s not verified if all businesses mentioned will be opened for the soft launch, it’s still worth a sneak peek, no?

Either that or wait for the hype to die down before making your way over.

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