Research Shows That Women Snores As Loud As Men Despite Them Not Admitting It


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Women like to lie about a lot of things. I have a friend called Jimmy. Let’s just say that his life changed when he found out that girls can poop and fart too.

Well, if your girlfriend is someone who kept insisting that pretty girls don’t snore, fart or poop, rejoice! Today is the day that science proves women lie.

Gone are the days of using a voice recorder to prove your girlfriend wrong. This is when we step up and take arms because science has our back!

According to a  study by Ben-Gurion University and Soroka University Medical Center involving 1,913 patients, it was found that 88% of the women snored, yet only 72% reported it.

And almost half (49%) of those women had serious cases of snoring where the loudness reached 60 decibels.

For comparison, this is the equivalent of a normal conversation, and the average snoring is at 40 decibels, which is as loud as whispering.


And as for why this is such a big deal…other than proving you’re right and she’s wrong…

Snoring is driving people crazy – to the point of murder

Here’s the simple version of driving people crazy.

You snore, depriving your partner of sleep. Lack of sleep makes him or her irritated. Lack of sleep means being tired and more stress. This eventually leads to divorce, which is actually one of the leading causes of divorce.

In fact, an Arkansas woman got so fed up of her husband’s snoring that she stabbed him several times with a butcher’s knife. You might think that’s a one-off crazy case, but another Florida woman shot her boyfriend for snoring.

Yes, snoring resulted in an attempted murder.

But really, we don’t want to prove anybody wrong. We just want a solution.

It’s not just the non-snorers who suffer. The snorers suffer too.

Snoring can kill you

Snoring is the most common symptom for Sleep Apnea, which is a chim name for when you stop breathing while sleeping.

Doctors like to lessen the impact of what “stop breathing” means, calling it “interruption of breathing”.

Though, with 26 years of breathing under my experience, I can confidently say that if I stop breathing, I die.

In fact, people DID, in fact, die from sleep apnea.

Princess Leia from Star Wars died from that.

Sleep Apnea is no joke

You probably don’t trust a random writer on the internet paid to write memes, so I’ll let science do the talking.

If you don’t treat your sleep apnea, you will face:

  • increased chances for heart attack (Sleep Health Heart Study results, 2001, American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine)
  • two to three times higher risk for having a stroke (Sleep Health Heart Study results, 2010, American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine)
  • more than three times the risk of premature death (Wisconsin Sleep Cohort Study, 2008, Sleep)

Thinking about admitting to snoring and maybe seek treatment yet?

What you can do for Sleep Apnea

​As with almost every medical condition, having a healthy lifestyle by reducing alcohol and smoking intake while maintaining a good weight helps in mild cases. Sleeping on your side can also make it less likely for breathing airway to be obstructed, reducing sleep apnea.

Avoiding caffeine two hours before sleeping, and keeping your bedroom moist with a humidifier or nasal strip might also help.

But in case you think you may have a more severe case…

Visit a doctor or hospital for diagnosis. They will need to check your sleeping patterns by actually requiring them to study your sleep.

They might study your airway using an endoscope as well. And while there are countless options, non-surgical and surgical, the optimum treatment really depends and a Doctorate in memeology doesn’t make us proper advisors here.


See the damn doctor.

Now I can only pray for Jimmy that the woman in his life didn’t lie because farting causes death.

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