New Study Reveals Where Men Should Aim At When Peeing To Reduce Splashback

First up, before we begin, let me just clear something up for the women reading this.

We, despite possessing an appendage that allows us some control over our stream as compared to females, do not possess high-calibre precision sniper rifles.

Image: Gfycat

Nope, nothing like this.

It’s actually more of a high-recoil low-accuracy rifle that starts off with an unpredictable burst.

Image: Gifsoup

This is a more accurate depiction.

So stop blaming us if we miss our target.

Also, while females have no choice but to sit down when conducting their business, us males have the privilege of being able to stand up for convenience.

That, however, comes with great responsibility.

Image: Giphy

We have the responsibility of attempting to reduce stains and splashbacks as our streams hit the toilet bowl from a much greater height.

How do most men reduce splashback?

Two-thirds of men have been shown in a recent study video to make an effort to tactically aim their stream to minimise the splashback.

Ever wonder how some public toilets are so dirty with yellow stains? It’s the remaining one-third.

There are also the men who want to “challenge” themselves by going hands-free or even going as far back as possible while staying “on target”.

But I digress.

The study revealed that the majority of men (31%) aim for the back wall of the toilet bowl as it appears to produce the least splashback.

That, however, is incorrect.

Image: YouTube

Although visible splashes seem to be minimised, it actually produces plenty of unseen misting and spray.

Image: YouTube

So which is the best spot to aim?

Well, it turns out the majority of men has got it the complete opposite way.

It’s the front wall that we should be aiming for.

Apparently, only a small minority of 2% of all men are wise enough for that.

Image: YouTube

Aiming for the front wall produces the least splashback, as the urine would “flow over and around the bowl instead of bouncing off it.”

If you’re interested in the full video, you can watch it here:


So, men, now you know it.

No more excuses to leave yellow stains all over the toilet bowl. If you happen to make some mistakes, at least clean up the evidence.

For women, now you know we don’t have it easy either.

With great power comes great responsibility.

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