The New Tengah HDB Is Here And No, It’s Not At Tengah Airbase


The only thing I can resonate with Tengah is Tengah AirBase. Period. I mean, other than the forests and cemeteries around the area, there isn’t really much there. But feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

For those who are wondering where in the world the New Tengah HDB will be situated at, here’s an overview of the map for you.

Image: Google Maps

People who have yet to BTO, you might want want to hold back your ballots because of these 7 reasons.

1. No, it’s not at Tengah Airbase

It’s located nearer to Choa Chu Kang, Bukit Batok, and Jurong West towns than Tengah. In fact, it’s not even close. Names can be really deceiving.

And no, there are no cemeteries too.

2. Forest Towns


No, not like this.

But like this.


The newly dubbed “Forest Towns” will be integrated with the area’s greenery and biodiversity.

3. Bringing you back to the kampung days


If you are one who has always wanted to have your own vegetable farm, you’ll be pleased to know that there will be community gardening and urban farming spaces built.

You can finally realize your dreams of growing your own vegetables in your backyard.

4. No more dealing with stupid jaywalkers




Because even if a car run over jaywalkers, it’ll still be the car’s fault.

With the new “car-free” initiative, roads will run beneath the estate so that the ground-level space is freed up. The estate will also have a dedicated walking and cycling path for residents to commute.

Granted, this will also make it a bitch to call for a cab.

5. Now, you don’t have to go SBG


With a private garden in the Tengah HDB estate, you can save a trip to Singapore Botanic Gardens.

6. You don’t have to pay for elderly care

Tengah HDB will be the first town for smart living in Singapore. The new estate will see smart features like using sensors to better manage utilities, or help households to monitor their elderly parents or relatives who are alone at home.

7. There will 5 new districts


At least you know there might be enough flats for you to BTO.

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