New Upper Thomson Eatery Sells Affordable & Creative Dishes Like The Twist Golden Lava Fish With Cheese & Twisties Sauce

Every couple would’ve gone through this before:

Boyfriend: Dear, what you want to eat for dinner tonight?

Girlfriend: Eh…anything lah. Your birthday, you choose.

Boyfriend: Zichar? Got your favourite crab-

Girlfriend: Don’t want lah, very hot.

Boyfriend: Okay…ba chor mee? Got pig liver.

Girlfriend: Aiyo, I push away all my appointments for you tonight and you want to bring me to eat minced meat noodles?!

Boyfriend: Okay, okay, how about western? There’s this-

Girlfriend: NO! Western so boring, can? Everywhere also the same. Can’t you be like my BFF’s boyfriend who got a lot of creative ideas-

Boyfriend: Western BORING?! Oh, hell no, you did not just say that, you fish.

And the rest, as they say, is history…They broke up.

But while the poor boyfriend could’ve put it in a nicer way, he’s right. Western food isn’t all the same across Singapore.

From time to time, creative places do pop up with Western dishes done so differently you’d never suspect they exist.

Like this hidden western eatery at Upper Thomson.

Molten Diners

Located along a stretch of shophouses known for their food, Molten Diners is a brand-new entry to the food scene at Upper Thomson.

And they’re not just any western food stall.

The geniuses behind the humble eatery come up with new, creative dishes that’ll make you revisit the place again and again.

And their food is incredibly affordable as well with mains starting from $8.90, such as the Cajun chicken steak which comes with two free sides.

More on that later. Now…creativity.

Creative Sauces You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

Mention Western and you’ll think: Pork Chop, Fish & Chips, and all the usual jazz.

But tell me, have you heard of Twisties-flavoured Fish?

A perfectly fried fish fillet that’s crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, doused with a generous helping of cheese and sprinkled with crushed twisties.

The savoury cheese is perfectly complemented by the oh-so-familiar taste of Twisties that we used to binge on back in the past.

Image: Imgflip

Or the Australian Grain Fed Ribeye with Kerala Creamy White Pepper.

You’ve heard of white pepper crab but I’ll bet my boss’s entire fortune you’ve never heard of white pepper chicken or beef.

Until now, that is.

The Kerela white pepper sauce is less fiery compared to the usual black pepper used on chicken or ribeye steaks.

Perfect for people who simply want a slight kick in their meals.

And when you pour it over a thick slice of Australian grain-fed ribeye that’s grilled medium-rare to perfection?

That’s as close to heaven as you can get.

Image: Rebloggy

Affordable, Quality Food

If you’re familiar with how Goody Feed does things, we don’t just recommend good food. We recommend good food that’s worth your money.

And this humble eatery here falls smack dab into that category.

People say a picture says a thousand words, so we’re going to let you see this first.

Comparable to Aston’s prices, Molten Diners’ uses quality ingredients in all of their food and each of their main course comes with two free sides.

Just look at their Mushroom Swiss Cheese Wagyu Beef Burger

A thick slab of wagyu beef slathered with molten Swiss cheese with mushrooms placed on top of crunchy lettuce and tomato slices, accompanied by two sides and a corn croquette…

…All for the price of $18.90.  Yes, Wagyu beef for less than $20.

Image: Meme Generator

Or, if you’re feeling for some simple fare, their Cajun Chicken Chop (a tender, sizzling prime chicken cut with two free sides) comes at just $8.90.

Then, end off your gastronomic journey with some sweet treats.

And the best part? Molten Diners has no GST or service charge. So whatever number you see on the menu? That’s what you got to pay.

Here, Check Out A Video We Did On The Place:

Now, we understand that while a picture speaks a thousand words, a video shows a thousand pictures so here’s one video that’ll TL; DR the entire article.

Don’t wait liao, it’s time to make some dinner plans with your makan kakis.

Seasonal Flavours

P/S: The people in Molten Diners sort of have their own R&D team in the kitchen and we heard they might just be coming up with interesting seasonal flavours from time to time.

Like their Truffle mayo fries (which is, of course, done in response to Burger King)

So this is what truffle mayo fries is supposed to taste like

So it doesn’t hurt to follow their Facebook Page to get first-hand news of what they’ll come up with next.

And it’s not just new food you need to keep an eye on.

Don’t Say Bojio: 4-Course Meal For $9.90 For Weekday Lunch

For a limited time period, Molten Diners is running a four-course meal at the grand price of $9.90 for weekday lunch.

You’ll get:

First Course: Cream of Mushroom Soup (made with real shrooms) or Mixed Green Salad with Cherry Tomatoes and Balsamic Dressing

Second Course (Choose one only):

  • Char Grilled Chicken with fries and brown sauce
  • Golden Fried Crispy Dory Fillet with fries and tartare sauce and lemon wedges
  • Mushroom Spaghetti Aglio Olio with chopped parsley and Extra Virgin Olive oil

Third Course: Dessert of the day or a single scoop of ice-cream (Chocolate or Vanilla or Strawberry)

Fourth Course: Hot Coffee or tea or a choice of soft drink

All that for $9.90.

So what are you waiting for? Time to make some makan plans with your friends liao~

Molten Diners

Address: 246 Upper Thomson Road Singapore 574370

Opening Hours: 11 am – 11 pm Last Order 10 pm (Sun – Thurs) / 11 am – 2 am Last Order 1 am (Fri and Sat)

This article was first published on and written in collaboration with the Molten Diners.