New WhatsApp Leaked Messages Allegedly Revealed the Messy Relationship Between Carrie & Ian

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Today, two things have been confirmed regarding the Carrie Wong & Ian Fang scandal:

  1. The leak wasn’t due to an Instagram hack that had affected several celebrities in recent weeks
  2. Mediacorp’s dramas are much more exciting in real life than in reel life

Because today, a new wave of WhatsApp messages from Carrie’s phone was leaked online, and it’s so serious that police reports had finally been made.

Maybe this would be in the next C.L.I.F. drama.

But first, a brief recap.

Previously, On The DMs Between Carrie & Ian

On Tuesday (14 May 2019), private Instagram DMs between Carrie Wong and Ian Fang were leaked online.

The borderline sexting of the two celebrities caused shockwaves, primarily because Carrie Wong has publicly stated that she’s attached to a non-celebrity, while Ian Fang is rumoured to be dating fellow celebrity Rebecca Lim.

Both apologised and claimed that the DMs were made in jest, and they were mere “best friends”.

In the leaked DMs, they also badmouthed Lawrence Wong, an actor who’s taking over a role that was previously given to the late Aloysius Pang.


Carrie Wong then apologised to Lawrence, and her boyfriend mentioned in a comment that “I will always be on your side”.

No doubt that implied that he has forgiven her—if he’s even mad at her in the first place.

So, you thought it’s 大结局?

Of course not, because this could just be the pilot episode.

Enter Xiaxue, the OG influencer.

New Leaked WhatsApp Messages Suggest Otherwise

Now, before you go, “Wah, seriously!?”, do note that this latest leak isn’t confirmed by Carrie, while for the leaked DMs, the two leads have vouched for their authenticity.

Xiaxue received a video that’s allegedly from Carrie’s phone, and it’s a WhatsApp conversation between Carrie and a certain “Gabriel Wong”, supposedly a (good) friend of Carrie.

And it suggests things that would put some local scriptwriter to shame.

Xiaxue then posted it on her Instagram Stories.

However, before noon today, the Stories were deleted “upon Carrie’s request”.

While screenshots of the conversation were taken, we’re not going to post it here since it’s very blurry.

But here’s a gist of what went down.

Carrie’s Conversation with Gabriel

In the conversation, Carrie started by claiming that Ian slept in her place but “didn’t do anything”.

Gabriel then said, “He wanted to see you. He was the one who asked you to join. He can’t control.”

This would imply that Gabriel knew about Carrie and Ian.

Carrie then felt guilty because Ian allegedly has a relationship with “Becks”, which I think you all know who that is. Carrie mentioned that Becks’ stuff are in Ian’s place as she sometimes stayed over at his place.


Carrie then admitted that she didn’t know how to handle this (possibly the relationships), and that even her father asked her about it as well. She said she felt like “fxxx”.

She then brought Boris, her boyfriend, into the conversation, adding, “Then how about Boris?”

She thought that she should stop seeing Ian instead.

Stuff at Each Other’s Place

In the conversation, Carrie spoke about their respective partners’ stuff in their place. When Ian was at Carrie’s place, Ian suggested Carrie to go to his place instead, but was afraid to suggest it earlier as he was afraid that Carrie would mind seeing Becks’ things in his place.

Carrie then mentioned that Boris’ stuff is in her place, too.

And she aptly summed it up: “Wtf what kind of situation is this? It’s so messed up I don’t even know how.”

Nice People

The moral compass of Carrie’s still intact, as she mentioned, “You cannot hurt one. They are so nice, so nice,” which includes Becks.

She added that she “can’t play with this fire”.


Real, Or Fake?

Whether it’s real or not is up to anyone’s guess.

However, with this leak getting out of hand, they’ve made police reports. Here’s The Celebrity Agency’s statement in full:

“Carrie Wong (黄思恬) Ian Fang (方伟杰) have sought legal advice and made police reports about the leak and exposure of their private messages. TCA continues to provide advice, counsel and support for all parties. As the matter is now with the police, TCA and the artistes will not be commenting further.”

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