More Details For New Zealanders And Bruneians Looking To Travel To S’pore

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You might have heard about Singapore’s plan to allow people from Brunei Darussalam and New Zealand enter the country without Stay-Home-Notice (SHN).

But they’re not going to let them just come in.

There’s a couple of terms and conditions these travellers must abide by before they can enter.

First, they need to be subjected to a Covid-19 swab test immediately upon arrival.

And second, the Singapore government needs to know their movements within the country.

Must Download TraceTogether

While Thailand is looking to allow people to travel into the country again and is thinking of using GPS bands to keep track of tourists, Singapore already has a method that can help in contact tracing.

TraceTogether, the app that many people download but not many people used.

ST reported that any travellers from New Zealand or Brunei who have successfully applied to visit have to have TraceTogether switched on at all times within Singapore.

In fact, they must still have the app installed on their phones within two weeks of departure from Singapore so that if they happen to be infected with Covid-19, they will have to upload the data to the Ministry of Health (MOH).

Other Terms and Conditions:

Visitors travelling from these two countries must have stayed within the countries for at least 14 days.

For example, imagine you just got back to New Zealand and your family says they want a break.

You need to stay in New Zealand for at least two weeks before you can come to Singapore.

Another condition is that while there’s no 14-day SHN, travellers from New Zealand or Brunei has to be prepared to be isolated for 48 hours.

They’ll have to take a private-hire car or taxi to a “declared place of accommodation” and stay there while waiting for the results of their Covid-19 swab test to be out.


They will have to pay for their own Covid-19 test as well, which costs $300.

Travellers who are tested positive when in Singapore must also pay for their own treatment.

But if they test negative, they can go out jalan jalan to their hearts’ content.

How To Apply To Visit Singapore

From 1 September 2020 onwards, interested travellers who want to come to our beautiful city and enjoy a tranquil stay (since everywhere is emptier now) can apply for an Air Travel Pass online.

The earliest they can come into Singapore is on or after 8 Sep 2020.

The application must be made at least 7 days before entry into Singapore, and at most, 30 days from their entry.


The reason for the advance booking is two-fold:

  1. So that if there are any updates or changes to Singapore’s health and borders measure, they can be informed
  2. So that we can limit the number of visitors into the country

New Zealand & Brunei Not Changing Travel Advisories

Previously, New Zealand basically said, thanks but no thanks when they heard about Singapore’s move to welcome their people.

Any New Zealanders that travel overseas will have to serve 14-day SHN when back in their own country at a government-provided facility.

They cannot self-isolate, nor can they take a domestic flight out.


For Bruneians, they’re not allowed to leave the country except for studies, court hearings or medical care overseas.

When you add all of that together, plus the extra payment and potential 2-day isolation, chances are, we won’t be seeing any extra tourists coming into Singapore at the moment.

Not when we have so many more Covid-19 cases being reported every day compared to their home country.

On The Other Hand, Malaysians & Some Businesses Here Are Happy About The Borders Reopening:

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