News of the Day: Bumblebee Tried Roasting Noah Yap & Dee Kosh; Got Roasted By Dee Kosh Instead


Content creation used to be like this: someone opened up MS Paint, drew a human being and ta-da: a content was created.

But now, according to Bumblebee, roasting others is part of content creation.

I think I’ve been doing the wrong thing altogether.

The Bumblebee saga hasn’t ended since the viral TP fight video: in fact, that was just the beginning. Bumblebee is enjoying the overnight fame he’s got from the attention, especially so in Instagram.

His point to make?

No, not to make money (‘coz all influencers aren’t there to make money, but to do good for society like showing others their expensive lifestyles).

It’s to stand up for ITE students; to stop the stigmatization of ITE graduates.

In the last few days, Bumblebee has been posting live videos on his Instagram, and according to people from HWZ, his followers have increased from 2.5K to 6K+, though now it’s either set to private or it has been deleted.

In fact, he’s very proud of this number; so proud that he repeated it many times in his roasting session with Noah Yap and Dee Kosh.

Oh. Which is why you’re here.

IG Live Chat with Noah Yap & Dee Kosh

For some reason, he managed to talk to the two real influencers.

Someone has put the entire conversation in YouTube:

It’s a long video, so I’ve taken the initiative to just summarize the main points (but seriously, if you’re free, go watch it: it’s entertaining, almost like watching Steven Lim’s videos).

Bumblebee Vs Noah Yap

  • Bumblebee claims that Noah Yap is no longer “relevant”
  • Bumblebee claims he’s better
  • Bumblebee claims he’s achieving a lot at 21 years old (Noah Yap countered, saying that he was acting in movies at 21)
  • Bumblebee keeps on referring to Noah Yap as a guy who bites table (a reference to a scene in Ah Boys to Men 2)

In the whole conversation / debate / 烧鸡饭, Noah Yap struggles to talk while Bumblebee keeps on cutting him off. Noah Yap gets a tad defensive, and Bumblebee just talks and talks and talks and talks and talks.


And talks.

And talks.

Bumblebee Vs Dee Kosh

If you’ve only ten minutes to spare, then watch this instead (starts from 8:30 mark in the video).

I’ve always supported Dee Kosh, but this latest video made him my idol.

The DJ-trained YouTuber was calm throughout and let Bumblebee talked. His reply to stuff that doesn’t make sense? He merely makes an expression and allows Bumblebee to ramble on.


On certain periods, Bumblebee runs out of things to say and Dee Kosh slowly, and calmly, just refutes his points. Of course, Bumblebee gets defensive and Dee Kosh did his thing again: showing expressions.

Like, for example, when Bumblebee claims to have 4,000 followers and that he could get a good camera with his followers, Dee Kosh asks him to get each follower to give him $1 so that he could buy the camera.

Image: Liv friis-larsen /

And he subtly told Bumblebee that he’s in LA to earn money, so he needed to get back to work.

Pretty sure that if Dee Kosh gets into a debate with a lawyer, he might just win #justsaying

But what’s next?

As mentioned, a check on Bumbleebee’s Instagram, his primary mode of content distribution (i.e. the place he sells his roasted chicken) is gone.


Would we be seeing more of this?

If we are, my only hope is that Xiaxue gets into the picture.

That’ll be epic.

Now you know what Singaporeans are talking about today; do check back tomorrow for another piece of news of the day!