Netizen Relates How Nicole Seah Spent Time With Fan Girl Who Can’t Vote During Walkabout


Ever since the GE debate that took place a couple of days ago, Jamus Lim had stolen the hearts of all opposition fans (and perhaps even some PAP supporters).

And to be honest, if you heard how eloquently and smoothly he says “mandate” repeatedly, you would be absolutely charmed by him too.

One thing is for sure, we are very likely to see him pull up the votes immensely in the Sengkang GRC.

Needless to say, all the folks at WP are probably giving Jamus Lim a kiss on the cheek now.

Editor: Nope, now pandemic leh.

Oh… maybe a pat on the back?


But with Jamus Lim shining as WP’s new treasure, some may have forgotten about WP’s original star.

Golden Girl Nicole Seah

That’s right. Before there was Jamus Lim, there was Nicole Seah.

Nicole Seah was the original opposition fan-favourite who stole the hearts of many during the 2011 General Elections where she represented the National Solidarity Party (NSP).

Image: Facebook (The Worker’s Party)

After years of political inactivity, she was revealed as WP’s new weapon this in 2020.


And it seems that she, just like 9 years ago, continues to steal the hearts of many with her youthful freshness and sweetness.

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Nicole Seah’s Walkabout With A Young Girl

In a shot by a local photographer Edwin Koo, Nicole Seah was seen chatting with a young girl during her walkabout in Bedok at 85 Fengshan market.

Image: Facebook (Edwin Koo)

When asked about it by Edwin himself, she had apparently noticed the young girl following her around the hawker centre.

Image: Facebook (Edwin Koo)

As explained in his own caption of the photo, Nicole then asked the girl if she wanted a photo with her – to which she nodded, but apparently did not own a phone.

Yes, apparently not all young kids spend their free time making TikTok videos on their smartphones.

Thus, Nicole used her own phone before asking for her parents’ number to send it to them.

The comments on the photo voiced their love and support for Nicole Seah, pointing out her caring and loving nature.

Image: Facebook

Needless to say, Nicole is garnering quite the support in the East Coast GRC.

With both Nicole Seah and Jamus Lim in their ranks, Worker’s Party is packing quite a punch in this upcoming election.


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