Restaurant’s Sign of “No Pork Lard” Went Viral As It’s Interpreted as “No Pork No Lard”

Although good designs help to communicate the correct information to the viewers, bad designs can also cause confusion to viewers as well.

This is the case for one such signage that was placed outside of a restaurant located in PLQ mall.

TikTok User Almost “Cheated” by Sign

According to a viral TikTok video posted recently by @Lunanguyen.hb, she almost got “cheated” by a sign stating “no pork, no lard” when looking for a Muslim-friendly restaurant.

Image: TikTok (@Lunanguyen.hb)

She states that although the restaurant had the sign up in front of the restaurant, they apparently still served pork in one of their dishes, pointing to their menu as evidence.

Image: TikTok (@Lunanguyen.hb)
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People Interpreting the Sign Differently

As seen in the clip, the signage has the three words “no pork lard”.

The word “no” was on the left, while on the right of the signage the words “pork” and “lard” were at the top and bottom, respectively.

It is important to note that the word “no” covered the area of the two words “pork” and “lard”

The placement and highlights of the words made it confusing for many as it can be interpreted as “No pork, No Lard” or simply as “No pork lard”.

Looking at the comments section, some people say that to confirm whether a restaurant is Halal-certified or not, it is best to check for the Halal certificate given by MUIS.

Screenshot from TikTok

Signage Was Removed the following day.

According to the same TikTok user, the “no pork lard” sign was removed the next day when she decided to visit the restaurant again.

Apparently, the TikTok user states in her caption that they removed the sign as it was misleading customers.

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Well, this could be why successful people always say, “Clarity is power.”