Number of Women Accusing Nono of Sexual Harassment Increased to 30 As Influencer Seeks Legal Action


If you think the Nono saga has ended with him announcing an indefinite hiatus from showbiz, you’re wrong: the Taiwan #MeToo movement isn’t ending any time soon, as there’s now a new development in the Nono saga.

The number of women accusing Nono of sexual haressment has increased to 30, and the second woman who came forward, Taiwanese influencer Anissa, who also goes by Teacher Xiao Hong, isn’t going to just let him go.

Here’s the latest development of the NONO saga.

Teacher Xiao Hong: Number of Nono’s Victims Increases to 30

On Friday (30 June), Teacher Xiao Hong formally filed a complaint with the Taipei District Prosecutor’s Office, stating she had witnessed Nono’s actions and would be accusing him of attempted sexual assault and forced indecent exposure.

According to Teacher Xiao Hong then, the number of victims has now risen to 25.

In her previous press conference, she has mentioned that 20 women came forward instead.

And just yesterday (1 July), she updated the number to 30 in a new Facebook post:

She was the first to come forward, pledging to pass the victims’ information to the prosecutor. The victims would then individually file their complaints against Nono on charges of sexual harassment, sexual assault, attempted sexual assault, forced indecent exposure, and assault on underage girls.

Xiao Hong criticizes Nono for refusing to acknowledge his actions. She mentions the victims are looking for an apology.

One of them reportedly told her, “He is really detestable. Can we send him to jail and make him disappear?”

The Witness

Regarding her own evidence of victimization, Teacher Xiao Hong stated that people saw it happen. However, she said some details could not be extensively discussed in the media and she would inform the prosecutor instead.

The witness, who had not been in contact with her for 13 years, called her after seeing her press conference. She reportedly told Teacher Xiao Hong, “I can’t believe you endured this for so long, I never knew you were so brave, are you ready for this?”

In response to Teacher Xiao Hong’s allegations, Nono’s agent said, “We’ll leave it to the judiciary for investigation.”

As of now, Nono, who used to be rather active on Facebook, hasn’t posted anything except for the post of him announcing his break from showbiz: