NoonTalk Media Prepared Aloysius Pang’s Memorial On 5 Jan 2020; All Seats Have Been Fully Taken


It’s been almost a year since Aloysius Pang’s death, but many are still mourning.

On Christmas Day, just a month before the anniversary of Pang’s death, NoonTalk Media, the artiste agency that represented Pang, announced that a special memorial event will be held for him in January next year.

The post says:

“It’s close to a year.

As we enter January, I’m getting ready to organise a simple memorial event, to gather your friends who are missing you.

Nothing really formal or any special performances, it’s just a simple one.


On Jan. 5, 3pm, those of you who would like to come by NoonTalk Media are welcome to do so.

Seats are limited, so we’ll like you to reserve a seat via the site below.

Don’t spend money on buying anything — if there’s something you feel like doing, put all that you’d like to say into a letter or a cassette, and we’ll just convey our thoughts remotely to him from there.

See you there!”


– Translated by Mothership

The post was signed off by Dasmond Koh, Pang’s former manager and co-founder of NoonTalk Media.

Unfortunately for those looking to attend the memorial to pay their respects, all 200 seats for the event have already been snapped up.

The online registration is no longer accepting reservations, according to The Straits Times.

Died on reservist duty

Pang died on reservist duty in January 2019 while carrying out repair works inside a Singapore Self-Propelled Howitzer in New Zealand.

Pang was with two other soldiers in the Howitzer at the time, a Third Sergeant and a ME2.

Image: Mindef

The ME2 told Pang in a mix of English and Mandarin that a gun barrel was going to be moved and asked for him to move away, but Pang replied in Mandarin that it was fine.

The Third Sergeant saw that Pang was in the danger zone but wrongly assumed that Pang had time to move away. The amount of time for the barrel to be fully lowered is about 9 seconds.

The Third Sergeant then shouted “Standby, clear away” before lowering the barrel.

But it was too late.


As the barrel was lowered, Pang continued to work but once the gun barrel was closing in, he made “evasive movements”.

The ME2 tried to push down the barrel with his hands while the Third Sergeant tried to stop the barrel using the main controls.

It is believed that the two soldiers panicked because they were supposed to activate the red emergency stop button.

Pang could not get out of the way in time and was crushed between the flick rammer and the slew ring.

He died four days later, in Waikato Hospital, New Zealand.

The two soldiers were given fines recently by a military court for their roles in Pang’s death.


Mourned by many

Many paid tribute online to the beloved actor after his passing in January.

His girlfriend, actress Jayley Woo, said “my world is gone” in an online post.

“Why have you heartlessly left me behind?

“I did not have the fortune of being your wife in this lifetime. We must definitely get married in the next.

“Appear in my dreams often, understand?”


Pang started acting at the age of 9 and starred in numerous children dramas and later moved to films, where he won Best Newcomer at the Star Awards 2015.

Pang was a talented actor who will certainly be missed by many Singaporeans.

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