Nostalgic Earrings Inspired By 90s Stuff Available in S’pore Including Paddle Pop, Country Flag Erasers & Mopiko

Image: Instagram (@wheniwasfour_sg)

Mama-shops, the icon of our childhoods.

As the years go by, we’re going to see less and less of these shops around us. Mainly because of the rise in prices and competition with other bigger franchises such as supermarkets and convenience stores.

But if you’re missing the mama shops of old, or their products, to be exact, we have something for you.

Local online shop, wheniwasfour, sells nostalgic earrings to bring back those fond memories you used to have.

Mama-shop Earrings

These incredibly cute earrings are sold at $11.90 a pair.

Image: wheniwasfour

They also have a range of designs to choose from, like the famous white rabbit candy, mama snack packets, those cute little flag erasers that every kid wanted, and a mopiko bottle.

Don’t they already bring back memories?


Image: wheniwasfour

Chupa Chups and haw flakes are still sold in Singapore, no doubt. But having them sold at your void deck mama-shops instead of supermarkets, that’s a whole different experience.

And wearing them as earrings?


Image: wheniwasfour

Those gold tinned biscuits were also another icon in our childhood. It brings back the good primary school memories of teachers giving us snacks in class (although we weren’t supposed to).

Image: wheniwasfour

Before actual correction tape that came out in strips, there were correction tape fluids.

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If you had one of these in your pencil case back then, you were the cool kid. In my class, at least.

Correction tape fluid was the best thing to keep yourself occupied during boring classes, and we used it in weird ways. I’m pretty sure someone covered every line on a lined paper with correction tape fluid and branded it as an “A4 piece of plain paper” once.

And country erasers? They almost caused World War 3 once, because everyone was fighting for the Singapore flag. We were young and naive, and that was probably the only country we knew about.

Image: wheniwasfour

White rabbit candy sparks a lot of memories. In case you forgot, or if you’re not aware, these were pulled off shelves in 2008 during the melamine contamination scandal in China where milk products were found tainted with melamine.

In Singapore, it’s melamine levels tested to be the highest among tested products from the now-defunct Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority.

Safe to say, I haven’t eaten a single white rabbit candy since then. But hey, these look cute.

Spectacle chocolate, as far as I remember, were the coolest. It was cool only because it seemed like you were eating pills since you needed to pop them out of the foil. No that I’m saying eating pills is cool, but adults did it.

When you purchase these earrings, you can choose a combination of items yourself.

As quoted from their website, “Imagine yourself walking into a Mama shop and select any 2 ‘groceries’ to make a pair of quirky earrings to call your own!”

Other nostalgic goodies

Besides those earrings that spark nostalgia, they have a bunch of other products that will definitely bring back memories.

image: wheniwasfour

Dabao bags? Like literal bags? Yes. This is exactly what we need.

Image: wheniwasfour

Jotter books, the nightmares it beholds. Those long essays, practising for Chinese ting xie. The horror.

Image: wheniwasfour

Chinese composition socks, anyone? Bring back those memories of beginning every comp with, “一个凤和日丽的早上 (One beautiful morning)…”

If you’d like to see more, you can head on over to their online store.

Or, you can visit their physical store: 261 Waterloo Street, #02-18, Singapore 180261