5 NS Deferment Reasons For Reservist That Are Usually Approved


Last Updated on 2023-05-09 , 10:30 am

The one letter that most Singaporean males dread receiving (or happy receiving) would definitely be the SAF100, which is the letter served by the government to inform national servicemen to report for In-Camp Training (ICT).

This letter means attendance of the reservist training is compulsory for those who receive it and if one chooses to ignore it, he may be liable for punishment.

However, there are a few ways to avoid reporting for the training if one falls under one of the categories listed below:


For those who are pursuing a degree in local private universities, they would definitely be dreading the notice of reservist training as it means they have to set aside time from their busy schedules to attend the reservist training.

However if the examination period or internship for those who are studying happens to coincide with the SAF100, they can put up an NS deferment request for their ICT.

As long as relevant supporting documents such as their exam timetable or a letter from the company that one is doing their internship are supplied, it’ll usually be okay.

Your wife is giving birth soon

For those NSMen who are married, if their spouses are pregnant and their expected delivery date is 4 weeks during or before their ICT, it may affect their ICT as they would want to be present when their spouses give birth to their child.

For those NSMen with pregnant spouses, they can put up an NS deferment request to defer their ICTs by writing to their reservist units for a deferment.

If you just started a new job within 6 months

For those NSMen who have recently found employment within 6 months of receiving their reservist call up letters, they can appeal and request for deferment from ICT so as to not affect their work schedules.

If you are on long-term MC

If a NSMen has a medical condition that forces him to be on medical leave for a period of more than 6 months, they would be referred for a medical review and during this period, any reservist training that falls in the period which they are on medical leave would be deferred while pending for a medical review by the army medical board.

Compassionate grounds

Any NSMen who unfortunately encounter situations such as the death of a family member or serious illnesses can request for deferment of their ICT. The approval of this NS deferment request is usually based on the discretion of their individual reservist units.

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Disclaimer: This is based on what we know, so it’s subjective but good to know!