NS Hub In Bukit Gombak Will Have F&B Outlets, Exercise Area & Childcare Center; Ready By 2023

What’s the first thing you think about when you think of National Service (NS)?

Some things may include two years of service, extremely tough training and the constant wish to book out.

Several guys are having war flashbacks right now.

Over the years though, NS has dedicated themselves to modernising and bridging the gap with the public.

Which brings us to this really sweet piece of news today and not just for the servicemen.

NS Hub

Because being green isn’t simply all about hardcore training.

According to Channel News Asia, an NS Hub is expected to be ready by 2023.

It will be located opposite Cashew MRT Station near the current Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) headquarters.


Looks pretty huge, right?

That’s because the place is said to take up the space of nine football fields.

I can barely see past one without my glasses on.

MINDEF added that F&B outlets, an E-Mart, a childcare centre and an outdoor community area equipped with fitness equipment, a running track and a football field will all be available.


Not a servicemen? It doesn’t matter because the NS Hub is open to the public!

Electronic Efficiency

As with all things 21st Century, the NS Hub is touted to run on smart technology.

Pre-enlistees can expect shorter waiting times for medical screenings through facial recognition and various smart technology.

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Visitors can also perform transactions through a mobile app and get personalised responses and updates.

Now you don’t have to worry if you need to grab some kopi first.


MINDEF also states that all data collected through the hub will go to improving and upgrading their services further.

“The NS Hub will be a one-stop service centre that brings greater ease and convenience, and better serves the needs of the NS community.”

Environmentally Friendly

In an age where global warming is real, this one scores lots of brownie points too.

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The centre will use renewable energy and energy-efficient solutions, such as shading devices and solar panels, to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint.


MINDEF aims to save over S$700,000 on utilities every year and also wants to plant about 600 new trees in the centre.


Guess we now have a whole new meaning to he green in NS, huh?

Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen envisions the place to be beyond just where servicemen come for administrative processes.

“It is my hope that NS Hub will become a national icon for future generations of NSmen, and one that represents this nation’s commitment to a strong defence for Singapore.”

So what do you think about the upcoming NS Hub? I’m honestly pretty hype that I can go in freely and use its facilities.

And sip some kopi as I watch the pre-enlistees resign to their fate.

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