NTUC FairPrice Xtra is selling iPhone 5S at only $499…saving more than $200!

When it comes to pricing and variety, you really can’t beat NTUC FairPrice.

Once, when one of our colleagues’ laptop broke down and he wanted to buy a new one in Harvey Norman or Challenger, one of us said this to him: “Eh, why not try NTUC? The big one in Jurong Point? I saw laptops there very cheap leh.”

Well, he’s right: NTUC FairPrice Xtra sells so many things at such a low price that you’ll wonder why you need to go anywhere else.

In the latest weekly promotion by NTUC FairPrice Xtra, we came across one promotion that, well, caught everyone’s attention.

iPhone 5S at $499.

Without a contract.


Image: fairprice.com.sg
Image: fairprice.com.sg

While it’s not the latest model, our digging shows that one without a telco plan is selling at $728 from nübox online store, a premium reseller of Apple products.

In other words, it’s a whopping $229 discount.

If you’ve been eyeing for a new Apple phone, have no intention to sign a new telco contract and don’t mind an older model, well, you know where to get it.

Remember, though: The promotion ends on 11 May 2016!