How You(th) Can Get $5 Movie Tickets This School Holiday

National examinations are over, and work has started to feel draggy for working adults as the festive season is around the corner.

Now, you’re stuck at home scrolling through lists of what to do in Singapore for fun, seeing the same activities come up again and again…

We’ve something for you.

An Exclusive Blockbuster Deal For YOU(th)!

Watching a movie at the cinema is one of the most classic activities, no matter the occasion.

What better way to enjoy yourself?

But, what with prices rising these days looming over the festivities, spending money to watch a film is no longer the fun it used to be.

The good news is, the fun is back.

Joining hands to make Christmas magic, National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), NTUC Club and mm2 Asia (mm2) are here to present to you a movi(e)ng gift.

In their collaboration and quest to better serve over one million NTUC members, especially youths and young workers, they have created a deal you cannot pass up on.

For as little as $5, you can catch the latest films you’ve been waiting for at Cathay Cineplexes!

NTUC members can enjoy $9.50 movie tickets daily at any Cathay Cineplexes outlet, including eve of public holidays and public holidays.

And if you’re doing the maths, movie tickets usually go for $14.50 on weekends, so you can use the $5 off to get snacks instead.

Speaking of snacks, have your parents constantly nagged at you about how expensive popcorn is? Have they always asked you to pick something else to snack on?

Then, there’s no better time to grab some popcorn with that movie than now because NTUC members also get to enjoy $3 off a medium popcorn combo. That’s $3 off on what is usually $9.80—what a steal!

Watch all the movies you want and eat all the popcorn you want—now’s the time.

Stop arguing about how expensive popcorn is and argue about what flavour to get instead.

And, it gets better.

For Young NTUC members (NTUC members aged 35 and under) or nEbO members, you can wash away your Monday blues by catching a film for the low cost of just $5.

That’s right!

Every Monday (except public holidays and eve of public holidays), Young NTUC or nEbO members can get movie tickets (usually $9.50) for just $5 by showing the NTUC Membership card.

Even if you can’t do Mondays, movie tickets are $9.50 every day (including public holidays and eve of public holidays) for Young NTUC or nEbO members!

This exclusive deal made just for nEbO/NTUC Union members aged 35 and below is your chance to finally go see that movie you’ve been waiting for all year.

So, what are you waiting for?

Grab your NTUC Membership card and friends, head to your nearest Cathay Cineplexes and celebrate this holiday season right. After all, you couldn’t do it in the last two years, remember?

And if you’re not an NTUC member yet but want in on this sweet deal, head to and become one now!

Remember, all movie tickets must be purchased over the counter at Cathay Cineplexes and all you need to do is flash your NTUC Membership card.

Of course, what’s joy and fun if you can’t share it with your loved ones?

Loop your friends and family in and go enjoy yourself!

if you’re still confused, here’s a handy table:

NTUC Members Young NTUC/nEbO Members
$9.50 movie tickets every day, including eve of PH and PH
(UP: $14.50 on weekends)
$5 movie tickets every Monday, except PH and eve of PH
(UP: $9.50)
$3 OFF a Medium Popcorn Combo
(UP: $9.80)
$9.50 movie tickets every day, including eve of PH and PH
(UP: $14.50 on weekends)
$3 OFF a Medium Popcorn Combo
(UP: $9.80)

The People Behind This Christmas Miracle

In aiming to spread joy this holiday season, NTUC, NTUC Club and mm2 Asia leveraged the strengths of each party’s networks and capabilities.

We all know what NTUC is: they’re the labour movement of Singapore, although you might associate them with NTUC FairPrice instead (that is just one of their many social enterprises, like NTUC Income too).

mm2 Asia, Singapore’s leading movie producer, works with top creative talents. You might recognise their names—Jack Neo, Royston Tan, and Dick Lee.

If not them, then certainly the franchise Ah Boys to Men rings many bells.

It comes as no surprise, then, that their partnership would produce a great promotion for NTUC members.

Stop Reading, Start Watching

Now that you know what to do to spend your holiday season with much fun, all that’s left to do is to do it.

And run, don’t walk, because this deal only exists while redemptions last!

This article was first published on Goody Feed and written in collaboration with the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC).

Featured Image: Jacob Lund/