NTUC Has Started Informing Self-Employed People on Whether SIRS Application is Successful or Not Progressively

Good news for self-employed individuals out there, eligible self-employed persons (SEPs) who automatically qualify for the Self-Employed Persons Income Relief Scheme has already gotten their first $3,000 payout on 27 May 2020.

According to the Ministry of Manpower, that’s about a 100,000 people.

Another 17,000 successful applicants will be notified by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and will receive their payments from 29 May.

It Will Be Rolled Out In Batches

Don’t worry if you haven’t heard anything about your application yet.

In a Facebook post on 28 May, NTUC clarified that they will be sending out the notifications in batches as there is a large volume to send out.

They clarified that the application processing time for the SIRS is approximately one month from the date of your latest and complete submission.

Notifications will be sent via email/letter and SMS so make sure to keep an eye out for the next few days.

For SEPs Auto-Included In SIRS

For SEPs who are auto-included in SIRS, you will receive an SMS from the government with your 2FA registered SingPass mobile number.

If you do not have one, don’t panic because in lieu of the SMS, they will send you a letter instead.

All letters have been sent out and you should be receiving the letter by this week so make sure to check your mailbox.

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To Check If You’re On The Auto-Inclusion List

So you’ve not received anything and you’re wondering if you’re automatically included, here’s what you can do.

Call the SIRS hotline at 6713 5777 to check.

You’ll need your NRIC number and the bank account number that you’ve registered to receive Government cash payouts.

What If You Have Not Received Any Notifications By This Week?

MOM says it’s because you’re not auto-included in SIRS.

But not all hope is lost yet because you can still make your application to NTUC here.

Successful applicants, even after this payout, will still receive 3 payouts.

Just take note that after you’ve applied, NTUC customer service agents will not be able to tell you whether your application is successful or rejected over the phone.

NTUC also clarifies that they are not able to share why SEPs are not on the auto-inclusion list.

MOM, meanwhile, explains that due to them trying to get the money to SEPs as fast as possible, they had to depend on whatever information they have on hand to identify people for auto-inclusion.

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