S’pore Nurse Allegedly Heard ‘Why Is She Sitting Here?’ When Having Lunch At Food Court

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News has been going around on social media that claims that healthcare workers are being shunned when they’re spotted donning their uniforms on public transport.

News flash people: They’re the ones we depend on to spearhead the battle against the COVID-19.

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And if you happen to secretly be one of those individuals who takes a second look (and not the good kind) at medical professionals in their uniform who’re out in public, then shame on you.

S’pore Nurse Allegedly Heard ‘Why Is She Sitting Here?’ When Having Lunch At Food Court

Another healthcare worker, a 25-year-old nurse named Nurul who has been a nurse for the last four years spoke to The New Paper regarding a less than pleasant incident that she experienced.

“I was on lunch break and the couple who sat at the next table talked loudly about how I wasn’t supposed to be sitting there.”

“They said ‘Why is she sitting here?’ and I felt hurt because it was at a foodcourt in the hospital where I work.”

Wait, nurses don’t need to eat one meh?

But that’s not the only incident.

Ms Nurul also mentioned that she has had people move away from her when she is on the MRT and giving her “dirty looks”.

But despite this, she doesn’t blame them for their sentiments.

“In a time like this, you can’t blame people for being ‘kiasi‘ (overly afraid).”

To avoid these incidents, she has since begun changing back into civilian clothes before she heads home.

Nurul, just a piece of advice: make sure your uniform isn’t visible through an NTUC FairPrice bag. Some jokers might just ask you to leave the bus.

There Are Still Acts Of Kindness

Despite the discrimination, she acknowledges that there are still kind acts from the community.

For example, nurses are given priority queue at 33 participating stalls in Pek Kio Market and Food Centre and will apply to all nurses islandwide.


“It’s very heartwarming to know our sacrifices are appreciated. Even a ‘thank you’ makes it all worthwhile.”

Just so you know, these nurses in uniform are “cleaner” than most of us: even their pens are disinfected before they can leave the premises.

And indeed, the sacrifices she has had to make are significant. The virus outbreak has led to work being more “hectic”. She also acknowledges that “it can be overwhelming”.

Let’s take the time to respect and appreciate our medical workers for their hard work and dedication during this trying time.

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