NUS Now Offering Part-Time Nursing Courses For Current Nurses

You might not know this, but nursing is one of the toughest jobs out there.

They have to work long hours running around caring for many different patients, some of whom might not be the easiest to handle.

Appreciation? You’d have to wait until 1 August, when suddenly, everyone thanks the nurses who had taken care of them on Instagram because it’s Nurses’ Day.

So, if nurses wished to upgrade themselves with further education, they certainly would not have the time time to do so.

But a new nursing course offered by the National University of Singapore (NUS) might change all that.

Part-Time Degree

The Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies at NUS is now offering a three-year part-time Bachelor of Science (Nursing Practice) Degree.

This is the first part-time degree offered by a local university that would allow registered nurses to work while pursuing their degree.

The part-time programme will begin next month.

Never Stop Learning

At an event that recognized and celebrated the everyday heroes (nurses) for their performances, Health Minister Gan Kim Yong encouraged nurses to constantly improve themselves.

He added: “Apart from the multiple education pathways, there are also growing training and development opportunities in the healthcare sector for nurses to upgrade and progress in their career”.

One of the award recipients at the event was Ms Tan Mui Eng, deputy director of nursing at Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital.

Ms Tan, now 64, studied ophthalmic nursing in the United Kingdom before returning to Singapore to resume her nursing career.

More Demanding Than Ever

According to Ms Tan, nurses now have more responsibilities and autonomy than they did in her time.

“Patients nowadays expect you to be knowledgeable and not ask the senior nurses when you’re unsure”, said Ms Tan.

With the advent of new technologies, it’s easy to fall behind, especially in the field of medicine and patient care. Ms Tan, however, welcomes these changes.

She said, “If you stay stagnant, you will be left behind. There will always be new machines and new operation processes”.

Ms Tan has encouraged her fellow nurses to complete their advance diplomas and senior nurses to complete their degrees and masters. She believes that nurses should constantly upgrade themselves through education to improve themselves and further their careers.

She said, “Through continuous education, nurses can keep up with the relevant knowledge and skills”.

Another award recipient, Ms Koh Pei Pei, 30, shares Ms Tan’s belief in the power of knowledge.

Now an assistant nurse clinician at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Ms Koh said, “It’s good to continue learning, and even in the hospital, you’re always learning something new.

Ms Koh has a degree in nursing but hopes to do a Masters in the future.

These shining examples show how important education is in a field like nursing, where techniques and technology are constantly changing.

And of course, a degree would also mean higher pay.

So to all nurses out all: you know what to do le.