NUS Orientation Camps Becoming More Sexualised; Officially Outdone Themselves This Year.


NUS Orientation Student Camps have always been the talk of the town, but they have officially outdone themselves this year.


Being a former NUS graduate and having attended a number of orientation camps there, I have always kept one eye closed with regards to some of the activities that take place in these camps because I felt that they still fell under acceptable standards. But this? I have no words.

In a report by The New Paper yesterday, students have been increasingly pressured to take part in sexualised activities in some of National University of Singapore’s (NUS) orientation camps in the past two months. The games were offensive and senseless which involved close body contact with their male peers. There was even an instance where they had to reenact an extremely disturbing incestuous scene.

“The girl had to lie on the floor, then the guy pretended to kick open a door and say, ‘Kor kor (big brother) coming.’ The girl had to respond, ‘Mei mei (little sister) don’t want’,”

“He then kicked open her legs and did push-ups while lying on top of her.

“The girl looked very uncomfortable and covered her face throughout the whole thing.”

Other games include truth and dare questions which concerned distasteful subjects such as which man’s bodily fluid they would want to drink, who among them were the sluttiest and the one who would never get married and have to die alone.

These games promoted superficial peer segregation, evoking feelings of low self-esteem and even trivializing rape which is a matter that should never be taken lightly.

The camp cheers too, were gross and tasteless, littered with references about the male anatomy that are just too disturbing to be shared here.

“(The cheers) were so senseless. I hated them, but apparently it’s tradition that has been passed down from previous batches.”

Some freshmen felt pressured to participate in the game. When they asked to leave, some of them were also stopped by orientation group leaders. This resulted in many students not voicing out so as to not be alienated from the group or being thought of as prudes.

“A group of us girls wanted to leave, but the orientation group leader stopped us and told us to finish playing the game.”

I’m not sure about you, but I have always believed that we do not need such games in camps to make them fun. Fun, in many people’s dictionary, do not involve belittling a particular gender, nor having games with close body contact just to “promote bonding”.


Kids, it’s time to grow up.

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