NUS Proposing Including (Peeping Tom) Offence to be in Transcript for Graduates

Image: Stanislau Palaukou / / NUS

Monica Baey.

We said in a previous article to mark that name down, for she may the reason why we can shower without checking for an iPhone XV or Huawei P50 years later.

That link also contains a summary, so check it out if you managed to avoid the name Monica Baey like how you avoided Avengers: Endgame spoilers.

(Talking about smartphones, have you seen that sick Huawei P30 Pro 50x zoom and night vision? Totally peeping tom spy gadget.)

Changes Are Starting To Be Made

Well, perhaps we don’t need years, at least in NUS.

The NUS committee set up because of Monica Baey has proposed for longer suspensions and expulsion for sexual misconduct offences. This was sent in an email to people in NUS, for which you can find the full letter at the very bottom.

Summary of NUS Proposal

Proposed penalties:

  • Minimum 1-year suspension.
  • Expulsion for serious cases
  • Certificate by a counsellor or medical professional before returning to campus.
  • Temporary notation (or black mark) on transcripts.

Victim Care Unit

Comprising trained and experienced care officers, it is proposed to be set up to aid victims until special help is no longer required.

More feedback is appreciated

In the next three weeks, they will be holding more engagement sessions and anonymous surveys.

Yeah, you saw that right. There will be a black mark on the transcript, temporarily for a period after graduation. How long the “temporarily” means is unclear, but it’s clear that peeping toms will be treated like actual criminals now.

Do you know that if you nod when you suggest something, the listener would tend to agree? Here’s a video on the ten ways to control others with psychological hacks:

And that is not the only thing they have done…

NUS Security is Upgrading too

This is slightly older news, copied over from an earlier article. But keep in mind that NUS security is aiming to be the equivalent of a bank vault:

  • Placing at least 300 new cameras, by end June
  • Upgrading more than 860 shower cubicles, which also covers gaps in cubicles, by early October
  • Introducing roving security patrols
  • Installing new electronic locks in restrooms that requires the use of a transponder to open, by end June
  • Allowing residents access only the restrooms of their gender, though not sure what of students outside the gender binary

NUS Students’ Union to implement Guard Duty

Lest you think I’m joking that NUS security is aiming for the bank, NUSSU president Benjamin Loo told The Straits Times on 14 May of plans to deploy one man and one woman member of its executive committee (ex-co) for the freshmen orientation period in June to 1st week August.

These ex-co members will patrol corridors, toilets, and checking student rooms for unfavourable measures.

Ya, no joke. Like back to NS for the guys.

Although it is initiated by NUSSU, this is a proposed additional measure, so it is assumed that they will be working together with the NUS Office of Student Affairs.

For the perverts out there, stick to porn. Although for the sake of my entertainment, maybe you can be caught and then one day I will write an article about NUS installing secret bunker toilets that can only be opened by DNA genetic code transcription.

The Letter:

Image: NUS

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