Official PlayStation 1 Coming Back with 20 Pre-loaded Games for the Nostalgic Feels

Calling out to all 90’s kids, I’ve got an exciting announcement for you! Do you remember the days of Windows 95, dial-up internet and antenna mobile phones?

Back then, before we had MMORPGs, us 90’s kids all look forward to owning a PlayStation for ourselves.

True, we didn’t have good graphics like this:

But what we had were the classics. The trendsetters. Or what PM Lee says, the Pioneer Generation.

The games back then might not look good but damn, you can just play the game for days (Think: Final Fantasy VII. Oh, that: you can play for months). Until your mom comes into your room brandishing the note your teachers sent to her.

If you miss the days of playing simple games that only took a couple of hours to complete instead of days, you’re going to want to know this.

Especially if you’re still using PlayStation emulators to play your games on the pc.

PlayStation 1 is coming back! And it’s not just any pirated thing that’s getting sold online.

It’s The Real Deal

Image: PlayStation Asia Facebook Page

On 19 Sep, Playstation Asia announced that the PS1 is coming back to you.

Nearly 25 years after the original version appeared as a gift to mankind all around the world, it’s making a comeback again.

Call the PlayStation Classic, you’ll be able to get a standard mini-PlayStation, together with two classic PS1 controllers.

Image: PlayStation Asia Facebook Page

Yah, not the analogue ones that can vibrate, but still good enough.

And It Comes With Pre-Loaded Games

And if you’re worried that you can’t find your favourite games that are compatible with PS1 in Singapore anymore, don’t worry.

Because when you buy their revamped PS1, it comes preloaded with twenty games. And not just any games, but “genre-defining” ones.

Preloaded games include Final Fantasy VII:

Ask any 90’s kids out there and it’s likely that they’d have played this game before. I mean, who can ever forget Cloud going bonkers over his identity? Ops, spoilers?

Or the R4 Ridge Racer Type 4

Initial D has nothing on this.

Jumping Flash


Tekken 3

And Wild Arms, the awesome RPG that’s not by Squaresoft.


The full list isn’t known yet but you got to admit, the current ones mentioned are already making you salivate.

Though seriously, the world would be a better place if there’s Metal Gear Solid.

When Can You Buy This?

The iconic console will be available for sale from 3 December 2018 onwards at SGD$139. An HDMI cable will be provided to connect your console to the TV for that full nostalgic feels.

Here, take a look at its promotional video:


But make sure to be fast though because these babies are sold in limited quantities.

In other words, first-come-first-serve.

Not the First Company to Do This

If you’re into retro gaming, you’ll know that this isn’t new.

Nintendo also released the NES Classic Edition back in late 2016, and it was sold out almost immediately everywhere.


A year later, they came out with the Super NES Classic Edition.


Guess it just goes to show that PlayStation has just been “retro-ed”.

I wonder when is iPhone’s turn #justsaying


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