Okashi Gaku (Cake in a Can) Singapore Suntec City Review: Delectable But Not Worth the Price

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Unless you live under a rock, you’d have heard of the news of a new Japanese cake vending machine from TikTok. Okashi Gaku, or you can call it a cake in a can, is a viral idea that actually started in Japan and has since garnered massive attention due to its uniqueness.


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It has officially launched in Singapore on 16 September 2022.

The Goody Feed team cannot FOMO so we decided to try it out to see if it is worth the hype.

Okashi Gaku (Cake in a Can) Singapore Suntec City Review

This is the machine that is in Suntec City, and it actually looks just like any vending machine you can find in an office building.

It’s a cashless machine, and when we were there this morning (16 September) at about 10am, there was a relatively long queue but hey: today’s the first day, so that is understandable.

There are seven flavours to choose from, and all of them look so delectable, you’d feel like buying all of them.

Unfortunately, we only managed to steal $50 from our boss, so we eventually settled with the Fuwa Strawberry and Mango flavour ($9.80 each), Tiramisu ($8.80), Matcha ($8.80), and their signature Strawberry Shortcake ($11.80).

Plastic forks and plastic bags are also available for you to carry the cakes lest you intend to buy 10 of them (I’m so not talking about the person in front of me).

When the cake was first dispensed, it was actually frozen, so you would have to wait a while before you can indulge in it. Therefore, don’t head to the machine and expect to eat it immediately; if you’re hungry for cakes, there are always Swee Heng 1989 Classic everywhere.

Where Exactly is This Okashi Gaku (Cake in a Can) Vending Machine Located?

The vending machine is located inside Eat at Seven restaurants, on level three of the North Wing at Suntec City.

If you’re in Suntec City now and are lost, just look for the outdoor dining restaurants; the vending machine is just next to the entrance of that area.

The vending machine is available 24/7. If you are craving sweet treats at 2am, you know where to go…though I’m not sure if the mall is open during those wee hours.

Okashi Gaku (Cake in a Can) Taste Test Verdict 

Here’s the burning question. Is it worth the hype?


Let’s start off with the Signature Shortcake can.

The strawberries were slightly sour but the whipped cream is airy and light. The vanilla sponge was a bit on the sweeter side though. I don’t think it is worth paying $11.80 for this.

For the Tiramisu, it was not too sweet and there was a good balance of the coffee flavour with the sponge cake.


The matcha, on the other hand, is also on the sweeter side but it’s better than having bitter matcha right? There are red beans inside, too.

I suggest that you skip the Fuwa Mango and Strawberry cans as they are too sweet for our liking. I mean we are all very sweet people, no need to be more sweet lah.

For those with a sweet tooth, this is worth trying for the experience and the grams.

Overall, is it worth the queue and the price?


A few of us have tried them and it’s a resounding…no.

If it’s priced similarly to the cakes in Swee Heng Classic 1989, then that would be fine since the taste is satisfactory. However, the high price is merely for the grams and novelty, and let’s face it: once we fed our Instagram, we won’t buy it again.

You can also watch this video to see us trying the cans:

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