Okay, We Bet This Ice-Cream Ramen Will Be the Next Food Trend

If you’re still obsessed over the latest food trend of salted egg yolk dishes or raindrop cakes, it’s time for you to jump onto the food trend train and move on to the next hot dish – the ice cream ramen.

No, you didn’t read it wrong. The ice-cream ramen is a dessert that recently went viral and people are either going to love it or hate it.

Though the name seems to depict a bowl of ramen noodles made out of ice-cream, it is seemingly not the case as the dessert is actually a take on creativity with ingredients of jelly, fruit and milk.

Image: elitedaily.com

The trend started from New York City’s dessert shop, The Dessert Kitchen, where they used crushed ice drizzled with evaporated milk as the “ice-cream” and kanten, a traditional Japanese jelly made from algae for the “noodles”.

Though they look like the usual noodles with its typical long strands eaten using forks or chopsticks, we’re pretty sure they taste nowhere near the regular salty and doughy texture.

Image: guestofaguest.com

Appeared to be served over a bowl of crushed milky ice, mochi, cantaloupe and mango, the small pile of translucent blue noodles is bound to taste sweet with evaporated milk and white peach syrup, hence, attracted long queues of diners looking to try the new food fad, fruit lovers and dessert lovers with a sweet tooth.

Image: pastemagazine.com

It’s not the first time that someone thought of creating this food combination, though. Back in 2011, foodies in Japan had tried to marry both the ice-cream and ramen in creating a new dish but the dish had turned out completely different from the blue jelly dessert.

Image: en.rocketnews24.com

Literally created to its name, the Japan ice-cream ramen looked like someone threw an ice-cream cone into a bowl of ramen and decided to rename it as a new dish. Some may feel grossed out at this creation and mark it under the list of failed foods.

Some diners that tried this dish has mentioned that though the melted ice-cream made the dish looked like a landscape of Hell, the mixture of cream and ramen soup actually gave off a rich and creamy flavour, tasting like Heaven.

Image: japanitup.com

Now, it seems like the New York ice-cream ramen doesn’t seem that bad. Seeing as how food fads could soar to an immense peak overnight, we won’t be surprised if the ice-cream ramen is the next big thing being served tomorrow. The question is, would you try it?

This article was first published on goodyfeed.com