Don’t Say Bojio: Old Chang Kee Will Sell Cheesy Fish Fingers & Crispy Fries in Cups From 1 Jun

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There are few things that break the monotony and boredom of writing consecutive articles for Goody Feed.

Old Chang Kee selling cheese foods and fries? That’s one of them.

Old Chang Kee Unveiling Cheesy Cheese Fingers and Crispy Fries

Yep, the chain known for its quintessentially Singaporean fried snacks is indulging in some western decadence, with its new offering of Cheezy Fish Finger + QQ Fries in a cup.

Image: Old Chang Kee

Each cup will be filled with crispy “QQ Fries”—Old Chang Kee’s answer to the beloved McDonald’s Twister Fries that have nothing to do with Lunar New Year but became a festive item anyway—and fish fingers that come with an indulgent cheese filling.

You know, like the cheese meatballs that you can’t stop eating in Yong Tau Foo bowls. Mmm, yeah.

What’s more is that the whole bowl will also be generously drizzled with a whole layer of nacho cheese, because when is there ever enough cheese sauce? 

Be prepared to get your fingers dirty while you flood the snacks with all the cheese in the world.

The best thing is, this whole set is available for just $3.90—suck it, McDonald’s fries that sell for $4 a la carte when it’s nothing but some fried potatoes. Without fish. Without cheese.

It is available from 1 June, both at Old Chang Kee stores and on delivery platforms including GrabFood, FoodPanda, and Deliveroo.

Promotions Abound

Besides the special item, the homegrown snacks brand has released a series of promotions with the slogan “stay home & stay safe with Old Chang Kee”. 

How heartwarming. Tiding us through Phase 2 with new offers.

Just today, Old Chang Kee posted on Facebook promoting its Super Drum Hainanese Chicken Rice. It is available at only $6.50, coming with Achar, Hainanese Chilli, and a generous helping of a whole, grilled chicken leg.

Every bento purchase will also entitle you to a free snack of the day at selected outlets, which you can check out in the Facebook post below:

Living too far away from one? Old Chang Kee even sends its food truck directly to your estate for some easy-to-access goodness. In the month of June, the truck will serve Vue 8 Residence in Pasir Ris every Sunday, and Sky Vue in Bishan on 26 and 27 June.


Don’t ask me why condo developers love the word “vue” in their estate names. I don’t know, like how I don’t know if Old Chang Kee is actually sponsoring us for this post.

They probably aren’t, or else I’d be earning more.

Feature Image: Old Chang Kee

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