Old Chang Kee Coming Out With Super Spicy Curry Puff from 26 Dec

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Always choosing da la on your mala, eating a McSpicy every other day with Korean buldak noodles as supper until you’re stuck in the toilet with a burning rear end but still repeat the cycle the next day – if this sounds exactly like you, you’re going to love this piece of news.

Every Singaporean’s familiar with homegrown brand Old Chang Kee’s signature curry puffs, a snack that signified the childhood memories of many and is still well-loved today.

Over the years, they’ve cooked up many different variants of their famous puffs, including the chilli crab puffs and rendang chicken puffs as NDP specials, even Camou Curry Puffs for SAF Day.

Green dots on the puffs, red dots, or whatever coloured dots, they’ve had it.

Now Old Chang Kee’s pulling a super spicy, all-Singaporean twist on their curry puffs, which will be much to the delight of people who like to eat chilli until they can’t feel their face or remember their last name.

Old Chang Kee’s Devil’s Curry’O Puffs

While Old Chang Kee’s curry puffs have always been super delectable, the large concentration of spicy food lovers here in Singapore may have found the lack of a kick in the form of spice in it.

On 26 Dec, also known as Boxing Day, Old Chang Kee’s dropping their new curry puff flavour, the Devil’s Curry’O.

Image: Old Chang Kee

I can already feel my stomach aching just looking at it.

The flavour’s inspired by the traditional Eurasian dish of Devil’s Curry, which is typically eaten one or two days after Christmas – and it’s known to be extremely spicy unlike usual curry, living up to its name.

Made with a special Devil’s Curry paste, the puff will contain ingredients like chicken and curried potatoes, just like in their regular curry puffs.

But fair warning that it’s not for the faint-hearted, for the spicy level’s been taken up several notches from the regular curry puffs. If the regular curry puffs are already reaching the limits of your spicy tolerance level, then you might want to be careful with this one.

Each puff will sell at $1.60, which costs only 10 cents more than the regular Curry’O.

Sadly, the Devil’s Curry’O will not be here for good as it’s a limited-edition flavour, and will be available from 26 Dec until 10 Jan only at all outlets, while stocks last – so all you spicy food enthusiasts may want to grab one as soon as possible.

Well, while it may not be the Year Of The Dragon next year, this puff’s probably going to turn everyone into fire-breathing dragons.

Featured Image: Old Chang Kee

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