Old Chang Kee Now Sells Nacho Cheese Curry Puff & Spicy Cheese Chicken Wings

A fan of all things cheese, cheese & cheese?

Also, are you a fervent devotee of all things curry puff related?

Because if you are, I’ve some great news for you. Just today, local snack chain Old Chang Kee, a curry puff manufacturer known for their innovation, introduced a spanking new addition to their overwhelming collection:

A Cheesy Curry Chicken’O that’s full to brimming with curried potatoes, chunky chicken, egg and… Nacho cheese.

Image: Old Chang Kee Singapore

Now, I’ve never been tempted to yell out ‘Mamma mia’ aloud. Never.

Being a brazen man with a driven focus on looking equally brazen, I would’ve never inserted ‘Mamma mia’ atop my bucket list. Ever. And yet, for the first time in my life…

I’m tempted to do just that.


Old Chang Kee Now Selling Nacho Cheese Curry Puff & Spicy Cheese Wings

Rejoice, you fervent cheese lovers. Old Chang Kee has introduced its newest member of the curry puff team, and it’s one cheesy m*therf*cker you wouldn’t want to miss out on:

The Cheesy Curry Chicken’O.

Image: Old Chang Kee Singapore

Apart from being a literal visual feast, the Cheesy Curry Chicken’O is a concoction that brims with all your favourite ingredients:

Curried potatoes, chunky chicken, egg and last but definitely, DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY NOT least:

Honest to goodness oozy, flowy, gooey NACHO CHEESE.

Image: Old Chang Kee Singapore

Yeah I know I’m over-inserting the image a little bit, but hey can you blame me for doing so?

The visuals are like a K-Pop dance group infused with a lil Picasso, dipped in good ol’ curry potato. Or in other words…


Incidentally, each puff retails at S$2 per piece, or two pieces for S$3.60. Not too shabby for a curry puff of such remarkable proportions, really.

Spicy Cheese Mid Joint Wings

And in other news, we’re proud to announce Old Chang Kee Singapore’s latest venture:

Spicy Cheese Mid Joint Wings.

Image: Old Chang Kee Singapore

Essentially crispy wings doused with spicy cheese powder, these bangers retail at S$3.50 per cup, with six pieces inside. And while they’re admittedly nowhere as exciting as their protractor-shaped pals…

They still look like they’re worth a buy. For sure.

And So… What’re You Waiting For?

If you love cheese, Old Chang Kee Singapore, curry puffs, mid-joint wings, Steven Lim or just life in general, I’m telling you;


You’re gonna love what Old Chang Kee has cooked up for you.

So head down to your nearest Old Chang Kee outlet and get your curry puffs and wings today!

Note: It’s valid for a limited time only, so fastest fingers first.

For a full list of Old Chang Kee outlets, you can peruse this list over here. A tip: look for the most ulu outlet.

Cos you wouldn’t want to brave the queue when people latch onto this piece of news.

You’re that dude at the end, by the way. Everyone else is a cheese fanatic, my cheese-obsessed friend included. Image: Giphy


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