Old Chang Kee Selling Black Pepper Chicken Curry Puffs For One Day Only On Nov 29

Image: Old Chang Kee, CapitaLand

Old Chang Kee is like another three-syllable phrase I like to use.


Any time of the day you feel lazy to get a full meal or if you have food cravings, Old Chang Kee is probably an easy option.

Blessed curry puffs saved me during school. 

But sometimes a curry puff isn’t enough. Perhaps you want something a little spicier in your life?

I do too, even if I’ll never admit I’m bad with spicy food.

Black Pepper Puffs

Because Black Friday deals aren’t just about buying cheap goods.

According to Mothership, Old Chang Kee will be launching a new limited-edition Black Pepper Chicken’O with bamboo charcoal black pastry.

Image: Old Chang Kee

This item will only be available on 29 November, this Friday.

Each puff will cost S$2 and buying a pair will only cost you S$3.60. Basically, this guarantees that I’m buying two regardless.

Eat more overall and save those few cents, man.

It’s a little more expensive than your normal curry puff (S$1.60) but hey, sometimes paying a little more for the special stuff isn’t all bad.

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This item will be available at every store in the country, so you don’t have to worry about missing it.

Image: Giphy

The queues forming at each one might be another story though. 

The pastry is stuffed with tender chicken pieces, cubed potatoes, onions, and button mushrooms, infused with black pepper flavour.

This is also said to be a healthier choice as the pastry is made from antioxidant-rich bamboo charcoal powder.

No guilt and more eating always sound good to me. That’s probably why it’s more expensive.

The writer says as he will likely overeat and get a stomach ache anyway.

With Black Friday sales happening all over, chalk this one up to your list of things to get amongst a (likely) busy day of shopping.

At most, I’ll just buy more than you and take the remaining stock.

GIF: Tenor.com