Olympic Winner Shows Korean Heart Sign, Netizens Go Bonkers Thinking It’s The Money Sign


Okay, in the first place, it doesn’t even make any sense for any Olympic Winner to show the “Money Sign”, especially not in front of National TV.

But let’s not digress.

Malaysian Olympic Prides, Pandelela Rinong and her partner, Jun Hoong, made the headlines when Rinong did a finger gesture that resembled the symbol for “money” after bagging home a Silver medal in the 10m Platform Synchronized Diving in the Rio Olympics 2016.

This angered many netizens, chiming in with the assumption that Rinong was money-minded or mata duitan in Malay.


Thankfully, many Malaysian fans spoke up to dispel any negative sentiments from this incident, and explained that this sign has been popularized when one of the cast members in a Korean TV Show, Running Man, first flashed the gesture.


Some Malaysians also added that IF Rinong was really doing the money sign, it is still ultimately her choice to do so and haters have no right to comment on someone who’s representing the country on an international level – especially someone who has done their country proud.

Some of these netizens should really learn how to reserve their judgements, watch more Korean dramas and be more thankful of their achievements instead.


Well done to the both of them!

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