Once you know these facts about chicken nuggets, you’ll probably never eat them again


Last Updated on 2016-11-30 , 3:52 pm

Apparently, chicken nuggets aren’t very “chicken”. Or at least, the sort of “chicken” you would expect.

At the University of Mississippi Medical Center, researchers found that chicken nuggets had an overwhelming amount of chicken fat, bone, nerve, connective tissue, and epithelium… and very little of the “white meat” that is usually advertised. These parts of the chicken (which are sometimes used to make dog food) are referred to as “meat slurry”. 

More seriously, we now see more and more children consuming chicken nuggets (and other sorts of fast food). Goodness, just imagine what we are feeding our children!

Additionally, this “meat slurry” is often crawling with bacteria, so it is usually treated with ammonia. For anyone who’s smelled ammonia before, especially in science class, you will know it is arguably the next worst thing besides sulphur. Thus, this “meat slurry” will be artificially flavoured so that it tastes of what we dream of (whenever we try to go on a diet).

Furthermore, there is a large amount of fat in chicken nuggets (which you probably know). Consuming fat-rich food can lead to obesity and eventually to diabetes, high blood pressure and osteoarthritis. I think we all go to fast food restaurants already knowing it isn’t healthy, but the point here is that it is really, really bad. 

So, the next time you are tempted to order this off the menu at a fast-food restaurant,

I hope you think again.

PS: McDonald’s released a video around two years back to show “the truth” behind how they produce their chicken nuggets. However, this was released to much controversy and debate. What do you think?