Online Sales for JB-Woodlands Shuttle Trains and Advanced Sales to End from 1 Dec

If you frequently visit our neighbouring state, Johor Bahru often, you’ll likely have had the chance to try out the JB-Woodlands shuttle train for yourself. And chances are you’ll love it.

I mean, no more getting stuck in the jam, no more having to wait for your bus at the hot and humid bus docking station and waiting to chop your passport. 

Recently, Keretapi Tanah Melayu (KTM) made several changes to the system which have made many people unhappy.

You’ve got to know these if you frequently purchase tickets via online booking and sometimes, way in advance.

Online and Advanced Booking to End from 1 Dec

From 1 Dec 2016, you will only be able to purchase the tickets from KTM Intercity counters at the Woodlands train station. 

In addition, tickets up to 30 days later were available for sale both online and offline but from 1 Dec onwards, you’ll only be able to purchase your tickets, at the earliest, a day earlier at 8.30am at KTM intercity counters.

This, KTM said, is a bid to avoid abuse of the ticketing system and ensure that everyone board the train with a valid ticket. In addition, this will help to prevent overcrowding on the trains as well.

JB people working and studying in Singapore affected the worst

Hundreds of people travelling between the states will be affected, especially if they have to take the train daily.

Imagine having to leave your house earlier because you need to queue up and get your train tickets for the next day. Either that get stuck queueing at the train station for your tickets when all you want to do is to go home and get some much-needed sleep.

The shuttle service was set up to ease traffic congestion across the Causeway in July last year.

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