Entertaining Video Shows The Aftermath of DORSCON Orange; Bubble Tea is Still Important


Forget Netflix’s Singapore Social. If you really want to find out more about the true Singapore, read on to really see what Singaporeans get up to.

In fact, someone needs to make a documentary about what has happened in the aftermath of the DORSCON Orange announcement.

But because I’m a writer and not a director, here’s a quick summary of it:

Singapore recently increased the DORSCON level to Orange.

This came after an increase in the number of confirmed cases of the Wuhan virus without any clear links and with no recent travel history to China.

The result?

But there’s one thing even the Wuhan virus can’t take away from Singaporeans, and that’s our love for bubble tea.

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Entertaining Video Shows The Aftermath of DORSCON Orange; Bubble Tea is Still Important

A video posted on Facebook page Just Keep Thinking shows the Effects of Novel Coronavirus in Singapore.

Lest you’re too lazy to watch it, the video showcases what’s happening at Orchard Road amidst the Wuhan virus outbreak on day one of the DORSCON Orange.

It is observed that there are still many people out and about on the shopping belt. However, most of them are tourists.

Some people can be spotted wearing masks.

Even the ice-cream uncle at Orchard is affected by the Wuhan virus outbreak.

Image: Facebook (Just Keep Thinking)

This is because there has been a decrease in the number of tourists who are usually the ones purchasing the ice cream.

However, even the novel coronavirus and DORSCON Orange scare can’t stop us from having our daily dose of bubble tea.

A lot of people could still be spotted queueing for Hey Tea at Orchard despite the DORSCON Orange announcement.

Image: Facebook (Just Keep Thinking)

That said, according to the video, the host notes that the queue is usually longer, but that the crowd inside is “still not bad”.


The host then ends off the segment by saying “I guess bubble tea is more important than health which I agree 50%.”

How about you? Would you still queue up for bubble tea?

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The video also lists helpful insights on the proper way to wear your mask.

You can watch the full video here: