Even the Famous Otter Family Has Visited Tan Tock Seng Hospital to Show Support

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It’s always a pleasant surprise when we find out that otters have come ashore to greet us Singaporeans, be it in our swimming pools, the park, or even on our Changi Airport tarmac.

It is cute to know that these otters often wander away from their natural habitat and greet us by enjoying our facilities.

But of course, it was quite devastating for one particular homeowner when she found out that a bunch of naughty otters broke into her koi fish pond and beheaded all of her pet fishes.

Nevertheless, it seems as if they know that we’re all going through a difficult time trying to battle against COVID-19, especially for frontline healthcare workers, because this time instead of frolicking in a pool and feasting on koi fish, they’ve decided to pay Tan Tock Seng Hospital a visit.

Image: Facebook (Ttsh Nursing)

Even the Famous Otter Family Has Visited Tan Tock Seng Hospital to Show Support

In a Facebook post on Ttsh Nursing, an unofficial page dedicated to the hospital’s healthcare workers, a photo of a family of otters walking around the hospital premises was uploaded on 12 March.

It seems like they’re along the road that leads to the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department.

It is unknown as to how they ended up wandering to the hospital especially since there are no water bodies nearby, but I guess that’s how much they wanted to show their support for the healthcare workers.

Image: Giphy

There’s also not much information about where they went after they showed their support.

During this critical period where most of our moods are down because it feels like the fight against the highly contagious virus is never-ending, these otters offer some sort of comfort as we strive to do better.

Appreciating Healthcare Workers

Perhaps this also serves as a reminder to us all that we should be thankful and appreciative of all the frontline healthcare workers who are working day and night just to battle against COVID-19.

They are doing their best to treat all COVID-19 patients while putting themselves at risk, and some of them have even sacrificed their travel plans just so that more workers are available to tend to more patients.

So if you can, show some appreciation to the workers. Don’t just judge them for being carriers of the infection and condemning them for taking public transport home.

Remember, they’re humans too.


Even the otters know that.

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