Over 500 Cats & Dogs Might Be Homeless With Pet Shelter Possibly Closing Down

If you’re sitting all cuddly with your cat or dog snuggled up next to you reading this article, or simply thinking of your furry companion at home, the headline might’ve scared you a little already.

Our furry friends have the wonderful ability to bring joy into our homes. We treat them like family and give them love, and in return, they look over us in their own little way.

Sadly, there are domestic animals who may not be as lucky to have the chance to be part of someone’s small family or live with them in their houses, and these animals are often taken in by kind-hearted people into pet shelters and given a home.

As all, or not most, of the pet shelters are non-profit, it can be very challenging for the owners to raise enough funds for the upkeep and care for the animals and the shelter itself, to provide them with the best living environment possible.

This leads to many pet shelters being in danger of closing down, which is heartbreaking to say the least, for the animals still need homes.

It’s sad to say this, but one pet shelter in Singapore’s really at risk of getting shut down.

Pets Villa

The pet shelter in question is Pets Villa, a non-profit pet shelter in Singapore run by Animal Lovers League.

They apparently have around 500 dogs and cats living in the shelter and believe in a no-kill policy, where they do not euthanise any of the pets living there even if they are old or sick.

With that large number of animals to care for, it’s definitely been tough on them financially.

Financial Woes

Besides the high rental cost for such a big space to accommodate all the animals, the organisation also has to factor in food and medical costs, as well as other operational costs.

Abandoned animals that are brought to Pets Villa actually require a minimal monthly boarding and a sponsorship fee, where sponsoring a cat costs S$60 per month and a dog costs S$130 per month.

As long as you bring in an animal, be it an old pet of yours or a stray that you found, you’ll be applicable for the fee. However, many people don’t commit to the sponsorship and don’t pay these fees.

They also stated that they constantly face threats of eviction from their landlord, Pet Movers, for it is extremely tough for them to keep up with the monthly bill.

So… as you can see, money is really tight for them.

Donations Needed

I know it sounds sad, for money is really quite an important commodity in our society. To think that tons of animals will get abandoned just because of the lack of cash is so unfortunate.

However, don’t fret just yet – with enough collective effort from society, the situation might just turn around for the better.

View this post on Instagram

Dear all, In order to keep our animal haven running and meet our monthly operating costs, Pets Villa (Animal Lovers League Shelter) requires sponsorship for dogs and cats as well as a minimal boarding fee for the animals that stay with us. Sadly, over the years, many of these rescued animals have been forgotten and left without sponsors. Many animals end up spending their lives at Pets Villa. However, we may not be able to keep this up if our current financial situation does not improve. We currently owe a sum of $48,000 (3 months rental). If this debt is not cleared by the end of June 2019, we may have to shut down permanently and our animals will be left with nowhere to go. This safe haven we now have for the rescued, abandoned and forgotten in society will cease to exist. Running Pets Villa has never been an easy task especially with the hefty food cost, medical cost and the cost of running this facility. Will you reach out to help these animals stay alive? We hope there is some light at the end of the tunnel. They had nowhere to go once, so we offered them hope. Help us keep this hope alive. These dogs and cats are counting on you. If you'd like to contribute, here are ways you can help: Bank Transfer: DBS Current A/C No. 0 1 5 – 9 0 0 3 8 3 -3 Cheque: Payable to – Animal Lovers League Mail to – Animal Lovers League Yishun Central PO Box 163 Singapore 917606 For links to PayPal and Give.Asia, please visit our website (linked in bio). We thank you on behalf of all our doggies and kitties, oblivious they may be of their plight. Cathy & Mohan for Animal Lovers League

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Animal Lovers League put up a post on Instagram to campaign for donations, stating that they are in debt of $48,000, which is three months worth of rent. If they are unable to fork out that large sum of money by the end of June, it may just be the end for the shelter, which would leave hundreds of animals homeless.

That seems like a rather large sum of money to pull together in a matter of weeks, but let’s hope a miracle will happen for the innocent animals.

Not The First Time

Pets Villa has also called for donations in the past as well, for dire situations such as when they were short on funds to prepare food for the pets.

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GOOD NEWS! Together with you we have saved the day. The food is being cooked for their meal tomorrow. Thanks a trillion for giving them $20k in just a day. For as long as we can remember, Mohan and I have been subjected to various threats by Pet Movers, who is our landlord, for not paying the rental on time. From eviction to cutting off our electric supply to pad-locking the gates to taking back our seconded helper. How much more can we take? As much as we can shoulder, I guess, for as long as it takes, as lives are at stake here. The weight on our shoulders is more bearable now with you by our sides, as can be seen time and time again your rallying behind us in times of need. Look forward with us the months ahead to spare us the mental anguish of not knowing what lies in store for our doggies and kitties. May we ask your continued financial support. Every dollar adds up so don't ever think a contribution of $10 is too little. Thank you all again and again, Cathy & Mohan Animal Lovers League #ALLThatMatters

A post shared by Animal Lovers League Official (@animalloversleague.sg) on

Miraculously, they managed to raise $20,000 in one day for their food. Very impressive.


This just goes to show how powerful society can be in making changes if each of us just helped a little.

Donation Channels

If you would like to help these little furries in maintaining their new home, you can donate via the following.

Bank Transfer: DBS Current A/C No. 015-900383-3

Cheque: Payable to Animal Lovers League

Mail: Animal Lovers League, Yishun Central PO Box 163, Singapore 917606


PayPal & Give.Asia: Details on their website here.

Let’s hope for the best so that these animals can enjoy their new lease of life comfortably!

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I mean, how can you resist these pleading eyes?

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