Overprotective Dad-to-Be Got Aggressive with Grab Driver for Driving Over Humps & Bumps

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Pray tell me: how do you drive across a hump that won’t make your head hit the ceiling of the car?

You go slow.

Image: AcHaaB_dAn GH – WordPress.com

But even if you go at 1 kmh, you’ll still feel a little jerk because no matter what, the wheels have to go up and down and there’s only so much your suspension can do.

It’s sometimes rather frustrating: just try driving in Jurong Point car park and you’ll understand.

However, we all know it’s necessary—the speed bumps would prevent cars from speeding at 100 kmh when the speed limit is 15 kmh.

Most of us would make do with it but not one Grab passenger.

In fact, he’s so into bumps that he got into a heated argument with a Grab driver.

Enter Pregnant Wife

So, a husband and his pregnant wife called a Grab car to 9 Bukit Batok Street 22.

Image: Facebook (Md Aza)

And because we’re so familiar with this area as it’s rather near our office building, I can vouch that the area isn’t one of the easiest to navigate for any Grab driver (taxi drivers would know the way there very well as there’s some Comfort diesel station and a VICOM nearby).

The ride started a little…bumpy. They had a small talk about the difficulty of finding the place that’s absolutely innocuous.

Then, it started to get a tad nasty as the passenger started his passive aggressive talk.

Firstly, he told the driver that his wife is pregnant so he instructed the driver to be careful on “humps and bumps”.

The driver told the passenger that he would try his best laughingly.

But honestly, what can he do except to drive slower at humps? #justsaying

Passenger Got Passive Aggressive

For reasons only known to the passenger, he started his passive aggressive ranting:

  • He told the driver to drop him off he can’t drive
  • He spoke about Section 304 of the penal code, which is murder that’s not intentional (wah, need to play so big meh?)
  • He continued to passively aggressively scolded the driver

Everything supposedly come to an end when the driver buay tahan due to the passenger calling him “crazy”, and stopped the car in a car park to call Grab hotline for assistance.

But no—the passenger went all apeshit, and according to the video, he started to “touch” (presumably to attack) the driver, with both shouting.

The driver alleged that the passenger hurt him due to his “dialysis”, while the passenger…well, the passenger alleged that the driver hit his wife, which the driver denied.

Then the passenger claimed that the driver hit his baby with more incoherent shouting, and eventually, the driver called the police as the passenger then alighted and took picture of the car.

Here’s the video, and do remember to turn on the sound because what we have is really just the voices.

Here’s the description of the video:

Even after i say ‘ I TRY MY BEST’ ..is not enuff and even threathened with rules of law…

India pax goes berserk mode when i call grab hotline and keep lying and saying to others that i hit his pregnant wife and saying that i dont care…even the wife shamelessly keep saying my fault…lucky buy new camera to protect myself


Crefull if u bump to them at 9 bukit batok street 22…

It has, unsurprisingly, garnered over 179K views and 2.3K Shares.

Grab Support Driver

According to Mothership, the passenger’s account has been suspended while they investigate he incident. Here’s their statement in full:

The safety of customers, drivers and passengers alike, is of absolute priority.

Grab does not tolerate such behavior and have temporarily suspended the passenger’s account while we do thorough investigations. We are also in touch with the affected driver to provide support.”

Emergency in Grab

Lest you’re not aware, Grab is serious about safety.

For passengers, there is an “emergency button” in the Grab app; if you’ve press it, it’ll notify an external security company that’ll do a callback to your phone and might escalate the matter to the police. If you’ve set an emergency contact, he or she would also be notified with a SMS like this:

Image: grab.com

For drivers, there’s a 24-hour Kerbside Assistance Hotline for time-sensitive emergencies during transit at 6801 4177.


So whether you’re a driver or a passenger, remember this: both of them are protected. Don’t anyhowly bully anyone hor.


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