Pampers Has High-Tech Diapers Which Informs Parents Via App When Their Kids Pee

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Parenting is hard.

Aside from the lack of sleep and leisure time, we can all sympathize with someone who has to look at so much poop on a daily basis.

Well, Pampers might have something that’ll make their lives a little easier.


The popular diaper brand has developed a high-tech diaper sensor called the Lumi system.

It can send an app notification when a baby’s diaper is wet.

The initiative was announced on July 18 and is due to launch in the United States later this year.

Sensors attached to the diaper detect when the baby pees and immediately send a notification to the baby’s parents.

Image: Pampers (Screengrab)

It sounds like the Pee’s Knees but the app can only track urine and not faeces in the diaper.

The Lumi system can also send information on the baby’s sleep patterns to the app.

Image: Pampers (Screengrab)

Additionally, it comes with a video monitor that is able to show wide-angle views of the nursery and measure the temperature and humidity of the baby’s surroundings.

Image: Pampers (Screengrab)

Might Be Costly

Before parents start celebrating, they should know that they will have to buy special Lumi diapers from Pampers and replace the sensors every three months.

Pampers did not comment on how much the high-tech diaper will cost, but one review from Fast Company says “it’s a lot of work for a small decrease in effort”.

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Pampers isn’t the first brand to develop high-tech diapers.

In 2016, Google’s parent company Alphabet filed a patent for a “diaper sensor for detecting and differentiating faeces and urine”. Moreover, Huggies partnered with Korean company Monit to launch a smart diaper sensor in Korea and Japan.

However, parents might want to proceed carefully when it comes to their use of monitoring technology in baby care.

Julie Lythcott-Haims, author of “How to Raise an Adult”, warned that tracking a baby too closely in their infancy can later lead to helicopter parenting.

Image: Pixabay

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So while this high-tech diaper sounds like a great initiative that will be a big help to parents, it may not be everyone’s cup of pee.

My apologies for the shitty pun.