‘PAP-Style’ Wedding Gatecrash’s Groom Has Interest to be a Nominated MP

Having been involved in a few weddings (not my own, regrettably), I’ve seen several fun and creative get-ups for gatecrash parties. 

These parties are a great occasion for dressing up as characters from your favourite movies and books (though we’re not sure if the brothers enjoyed it). 

Like this, for instance.

Journey to Boon Lay?

Image: hitcheed.com

Or this.  Dumbledore’s wedding army?

Image: hitcheed.com

But how many of us would actually think of doing…this?

Image: Facebook (Benny Ong)

Come on, we all know these white outfits and orchid garlands so well by now, though you’ve got to wonder if the guy standing in the front has used UIC to wash his pants #justsaying

For his gatecrash party, Benny Ong and his friends dressed up as members of the People’s Action Party (PAP).  The outfits were inspired by Benny’s reputation among his friends.  They thought of him as “authoritative” and “opinionated”.

Check out the logo of Ong’s Party on the signboards. It bears remarkable resemblance to the lightning logo, a logo that we’d be used to seeing during kindergarten even if you’re not into politics.

Props to Ong and his friends for making these outfits and posters two days before the wedding.

Wait, what? Two days?

Identity of the PAP Groom

Posted in Facebook on 26 October 2018 by 32-year-old Benny Ong, the entrepreneur thought that it would sound cool, and erm, look fun. Amazingly, everything was prepared mere 48 hours before the gatecrash: which means the logo is designed with MS Powerpoint.

Power, indeed.

And just to add more fun to it, this took place in Yishun – Sembawang.

Totally not judging.

Dress for Success?

While many aspire to be rich or famous, Ong is keen on becoming a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) when he is “much older”.  According to the Straits Times, Ong wants to speak out for the education system.

You may wonder then, how did the PAP react?

Or to be more specific, his MP?

This is Nee Soon GRC MP K.Shanmugam’s witty response to Ong’s ensemble.

I am always looking out for people to help in our work in Nee Soon. Good to find so many new potential recruits!Best…

Posted by K Shanmugam Sc on Thursday, 25 October 2018

Instead of pixelated green uniforms, these recruits are ready to serve, in white.

For all you know, we might all thank Mr Ong for reforming the education system for our kids in the near future, and think back on today when you read this article. Amazing how the world works, eh?

Here’s their wedding video (the bride and sisters aren’t wearing white leh):

Benny & Rachel from freyafilms on Vimeo.

But in any case, congrats to Benny and Rachel!

Hope to see you in Parliament soon!