Parents, don’t say bojio hor: Free movies for kids in all GV Cinema until end of 2016!


How better to spend the June Holidays than to watch all the great movies that are being released? So many movies, all just waiting for you!

What’s great now is that parents, you no longer need to worry about wasting money on a ticket for your child because, for every two tickets you buy, your child gets to go in for free.

So basically it’s a buy two, get one free movie ticket for your child! That’s great isn’t it? Now you can choose a movie that you want to watch and even if your child doesn’t like it, at least you don’t have to pay to hear their complaining.

What’s the catch? Well, if you have more than one child, you would have to still pay for the rest of the kids.

This promotion is valid every Monday to Sunday, except Public Holidays and eve of Public Holidays, anytime before 2 pm at all GV Cinemas. The best part? The promotion is already ongoing and it lasts all the way until 30th December 2016!

Do note that the tickets purchased have to be standard tickets of the same movie and session. Also, the free ticket is only applicable to children below twelve years of age and valid for PG13 movies and under.

So, with this promotion going on, here are a few movies you could consider watching with your children: Finding Dory, Angry Birds, X-Men Apocalypse and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are great choices!

Also, do remember to check out the GV website regarding the promotion, as there may be other terms and conditions regarding this deal.


Parents, wait no more! Take your children out and treat them (and yourselves) to a free movie!

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