Parents, this one must jio: Kids get to eat for free in Ikea from 6 to 10 June.

Did someone say free food?

Besides being popular for great furniture that excites even someone who does not like shopping for tables and chairs, Ikea is also well-loved for its food. Their juicy Swedish meatballs, awesomely cheap hotdog buns. nuggets and so on make it a go-to place to makan as well.

So, parents who enjoy going to Ikea for their food, you will be pleased to hear that you can bring your kids there to eat as well, at no extra cost! How great is that?

From 6th to 10th June, all you have to do is flash your IKEA FAMILY member card at any IKEA restaurant checkouts to let your kids enjoy their choice of meatballs, pasta or chicken nuggets children meal at no extra cost.

I am sure that this is bound to solve your problems of deciding where to eat when you have your kids with you, especially since children are always picky about food. Now, for their small and choosy appetite, you can finally get something that they might like and finish.

If you are deciding which of the three meals you should choose for your child, I would say all are equally great choices.

For a child that enjoys eating meat and does not mind trying something new, the meatballs would be a good option. If your child prefers something familiar, and well, likes McDonalds, the chicken nuggets would be right for him. Lastly, if your child requires something a bit more filling, the pasta would be a great meal to fill his tummy.

Do note that this deal is for children who are below 12 years old and they have to be present at the check-out counter. It is also only available for dine-in. For the Muslims, the halal kid line is only available at IKEA Tampines from 6-10pm on 7th June onwards due to Ramadan.

So parents, wait no more! Get your kids and go to IKEA now!