Passengers Come Together to Clean Up Spilled Coffee on MRT Train

Have you ever thought about what happens when someone spills a drink on an MRT train?

You’d probably expect people to give you disapproving looks and maybe even shuffle off to the next cabin. 

Well, surprise! Contrary to what you might think, passengers joined forces to clean up a recent spillage when someone accidentally spilled their hot coffee.

Footage of this heartwarming act of kindness made its way onto TikTok, thanks to user @rika705.

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With everyone on board mindful of the big spillage, passengers in the cabin pitched in to lend a hand with the cleanup.

Several seated passengers were spotted digging into their bags, pulling out packs of tissue paper.

How Singaporean could this get?

It’s almost as if every person in Singapore had a tissue in their bag, as they all simultaneously took out their tissue packets and generously offered each tissue to help clean the spillage.

Image: TikTok (@rika705)

Soon after, the passengers leaned forward, reaching out to mop up whatever remnants of the liquid were within their reach.

Image: TikTok (@rika705)

As time passed, more and more individuals joined in, with a few even relinquishing their cherished seats to squat on the floor and assist in the cleanup effort.

Netizens Emphasise “No Food and Drinks” in MRT Trains

The TikTok video, shared on 26 November 2023, garnered significant attention and sparked mixed reactions among netizens.

Many TikTok users were quick to point out that food and drinks are strictly prohibited on trains, primarily to prevent incidents like spillages. 

Image: TikTok (@rika705)

SMRT Train’s official website indeed confirms the prohibition of eating and drinking while aboard the MRT trains.

This rule traces back to 1987 when the Rapid Transit Systems (RTS) Act was enacted by Parliament, officially declaring the ban on consuming food or beverages within MRT trains and stations. 

Violating this regulation can result in issuing an offence notification, carrying a potential fine of up to $500.

Although the law clearly says no eating or drinking on trains, some people might think it’s okay to bring food and drinks with them. 

But incidents like this, where people aren’t careful, often lead to spills.

Image: SMRT

SMRT added that even sipping water or any drink is not allowed because it can easily spill, making seats wet, dirtying other passengers’ things, or causing someone to slip and fall.

This incident shows how kind Singaporean commuters can be, but it also reminds us all to be careful with food and drinks on the train. Ideally, it’s even better not to bring them on board at all to prevent such spillages from happening again.