Passive-Aggressive Note Found in Condo Lift; Neighbours Said to Be Moving Furniture at 4:00am Every Night

These days, because neighbours aren’t as neighbourly as they used to be, it can be hard to communicate your grievances to them.

In the past, if your neighbour was playing loud music, you could simply head down there and tell them you were trying to sleep. Since they’re basically friends, they’d agree and then ask you how your 12-year-old son was doing in school.

Nowadays, if your neighbour is doing something that annoys you, there’s not much you can do other than give them a death stare when you see them.


One irritated resident at a condo, however, went one step further.

Passive-Aggressive Note Found in the Lift of a Condo

A passive-aggressive note (without the passive) was left in the lift of a condominium recently.

A photo of the note was shared on reddit, and it amused netizens to no end.

Image: reddit (u/yitch)

Titled “please stop being a**hole neighbours” (with “please” underlined, mind you), the drafter of the note seemed irked by the fact that one of his neighbours carried out construction works at ungodly hours.

“Do you really need to be drilling into the floor on the weekends at 9:30am?” the annoyed resident asked.

“Sorry let me rephrase, do you need to be doing that repeatedly every other weekend?”

The resident claimed that the offending neighbour lied to other residents in the condo about having a work permit, as well as allegedly lying to management about not knowing about the need for one.

The drafter of the note seemed to be referring to the fact that residents of private residential property need to obtain a permit to carry out building works before any such works can begin.

The grant of this permit can only be considered after the structural plans are approved, according to the Ministry of National Development (MND).

But this wasn’t the resident’s only gripe with his neighbour.

Accused Neighbour of Moving Furniture at 4:00am Every Night

The resident was also annoyed with the way the neighbour in question handled their furniture.

“By the way, do you know that your tables and chairs can actually be picked up off the ground instead of being dragged across the floor?” he asked—presumably a rhetorical question.


The resident wondered why the neighbour moved their furniture “every 5 to 10 minutes” loud enough to wake them up from “midnight to 4:00am every single night”.

“Do you need someone to prescribe you something to go to sleep?” the resident asked.

Offered a “Compromise”

The resident then offered a “compromise”, whereby the offending neighbour could drag their furniture around to their heart’s pleasure on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and lift them on other days.

I have a vague feeling that this was not a sincere offer.

The resident seemed more than just annoyed, though, as he claimed the neighbour’s actions were making other residents “hate” them.

“We get that you’re excited to live in this building, but please for the love of god, stop making your neighbours around you hate you.”

Damn, that’s harsh.


Feature Image: reddit (u/yitch)