Pasta Lovers, Rejoice! New Study Shows That Eating Pasta Keeps You Lean And Healthy


Pasta is the perfect meal in many ways. It comes in fun shapes and is cooked with healthy olive oil, a decent amount of veggies and meats, and coated with lip-smacking white or red pasta sauces.

If that trail of reasons weren’t good enough for you, it’s time to add another to the list. Pasta can actually keep you fit and lean.


A study was conducted in Italy recently to find the relevance between eating pasta and a person’s Body Mass Index (BMI). The results were off the charts.

Why? Despite the age and other differences, people who ate pasta had a lower BMI number, smaller waists and also a tiny waist-to-hip ratio.

Yes, pasta is not only tasty, but is good for your body and helps you maintain a trimmer figure!

In a nutshell – as long as you don’t overeat pasta (based on your daily caloric needs), you won’t become fat or obese.


What’s In A Pasta

A pasta dish is made out of components that is pretty similar to the Mediterranean diet. You’ve got tomatoes, onions, garlic, olive oil, seasoned cheese and of course, pasta (the carb) in a meal. And that’s just the basics.


How Does Pasta Work In Keeping You Healthy

The Mediterranean diet from which a pasta dish is based on is one of the more stable diets out there. This dish will help you with long-term weight loss.

Pasta is also a wholesome meal, and one that you can construct easily. A plate of aglio olio, for instance, takes no more than a handful of ingredients to whip up.

You could make your pasta sauces from scratch – alfredo, carbonara, pesto or anything else and freeze it up for use over the week. Life has just become simpler and healthier for you and your family.


The dish is also nutritious as it has all the essentials in one power-packed meal. You get healthy fats from the olive oil and possibly nuts. You can toss in some chicken or prawns for protein, and add cheese or cream for your dairy fix.

Pasta itself doesn’t take a long time to cook. Follow the instructions on the pack, or try making your own pasta at home!


It’s Against The Trend

What’s trending in the diet world nowadays? Vegan food (no eggs, so no pasta) and no carbs and fats. People who follow these diets are forced to replace all forms of carbs with more meat products. There is a lot of evidence to show that it’s not really that good for health after all.


Pasta might just be the way to go forward.


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