Patient in China Allegedly Tore off Medical Staff’s Mask & Spat at Her, Saying ‘Die With Me’


Last Updated on 2020-01-29 , 3:43 pm

At the time of writing, a staggering 1,316 people have been infected with the Wuhan virus.

Undoubtedly, more is to come. Surgical masks and N95 masks have been flying off the shelves so much that some retail outlets have run out of stock.

But don’t worry, the Ministry of Health (MOH) has assured us that Singapore has “more than sufficient” supply of surgical mask.

Speaking of that…

Patient in China Allegedly Tore off Medical Staff’s Mask & Spat at Her, Saying ‘Die With Me’

Our nurses, doctors, and other Healthline practitioners are at the forefront of our defence against the deadly viruses.

While others run far away from those who are suspected to be infected, medical practitioners have to risk their lives on the daily to ensure that the rest of the population is safe.

But not everyone is appreciative of their efforts.

According to Yahoo TW, a Chinese netizen shared about how her friend, a hospital staff weren’t allowed to take leave during the Chinese New Year holidays as they needed manpower.

Image: Singtao

The hospital staff said that she met a patient who had a fever while at the hospital so she provided him with a mask.

She said, “There are many sick people in the hospital. Since you are sick and your immune system is weak now, so here’s a mask for you to wear to stop you from getting sicker.”

Well, that’s very polite. I’d have just thrown a mask in the air for people to catch, which is why I’m not a nurse.

But without a moment’s notice, the man flew into a rage and shouted, “I’m already sick, what’s the use of wearing a mask now?”

Wow, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed today.

It didn’t end there, though.

He got up, ripped the mask from the medical staff’s face and spit at her.

Image: Yahoo TW

He then said, “If I can’t live anymore then you will all die with me as well.”

Now, cue the WTF cat, please.


It is believed that the man was so angry because there weren’t enough medical resources. Still, she kept her calm and told him that he might just be having a normal fever.

But behind the strength was a person with feelings. The medical staff was so distraught from her experience that she cried and had to be quarantined in the hospital.

It only takes a little effort to be kind to others, even when nothing is going your way. Let’s all treat each other with respect, especially our health practitioners.


After all, I bet those front-line warriors are having a worse day than any of us now.