Paya Lebar Dessert Store Lets You Build Your Own Dessert Cups For $4.20; Also Has Matcha & Taro


With the insane bubble tea craze going on right now, some people are wondering – what’s next?

Spouting a little Asian blasphemy, maybe you’re thinking, “Wah everything also bubble tea nowadays. Sibeh sian leh. Got something new or not?”

If you’re looking for a new food craze (which are also Insta-worthy), Mr.Bean’s got you covered.

豆趣 (Do Qoo)

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No, not that Mr.Bean.

Image: Mr Bean

Known for everything that is bean-related, Mr.Bean has recently launched a brand new dessert store at Paya Lebar Quarter.

Image: Facebook (Do Qoo)
Image: Facebook (Do Qoo)

And they’re bringing something new to the table.

This new store’s specialities lie in dessert cups much like that of llaollao and Yole. But instead of frozen yoghurt, they’re using soy pudding and grass jelly as its base, with many unique toppings such as the Hakka delight abacus seeds.

This new dessert cup, while still in its youth, is already beloved by the minority who has tried it.

I mean, can you even be surprised?

Image: Instagram (@eileen_eats_alot)

This gorgeous goblet of gastronomic glimmers is priced at only $4.20 a cup.


That seems like way better value-for-money than your typical llaollao cup.

So, what are some of their unique topping designs?

Delectable Desserts

Image: Do Qoo

Layered on top of the soy pudding and grass jelly, we have a golden beauty sprinkled with abacus seeds, osmanthus jelly, and lychee pops.

Image: Do Qoo

Combined with another food craze, you’ll really dig this if you’re into anything Taro. On top of the usual base and abacus seeds, you get some terrific Taro jellies with yoghurt balls.

Image: Do Qoo

What other food crazes can they do a crossover with? That’s right, Matcha. Also a beloved delicacy, we have Matcha jellies and azuki beans to give this cup a unique green taste.

Image: Do Qoo

Need something minty and cooling to brighten your Mondays? The Blue Mint Monday has you covered with its osmanthus aiyu, brown sugar hanten, and minty blue pea jellies.

Image: Do Qoo

Last but not least, where are the tea lovers at? The earl grey jellies are sure to give you kick you need on top of the osmanthus aiyu jelly and nata de coco.

Build Your Own Cup

If you’re a rebel and refuse to follow pre-made stuff, don’t worry.

Once again, much like llaollao, you get to build and design your own dessert cup with their aromatic array of terrific toppings.

Image: Facebook (Do Qoo)

Are you already prepared to race down?


Here are the details:

  • Address: Paya Lebar Quarter Mall, 10 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409057, #B2-16
  • Opening Hours: 11am to 10pm daily from Monday to Sunday

Grab a cup and let us know how it is!