How Paying Bills in S’pore Has Become so Simple, You’ll Love Doing It

If there’s one thing people value nowadays, it’s convenience.

In this rapidly changing world, people tend to work faster and focus more on instant gratification. That’s completely understandable considering how little time we have for our family and friends these days.

The notion of “quality time” may differ from one person to another. However, I believe we can all agree that a little more “quantity” would definitely provide the “quality” with a much-needed boost.

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As such, I love it when I am able to deal with the mundane things in life more efficiently. That being said, I am referring to things like withdrawing money from an ATM and online shopping.

Yeap, I find it a chore to queue up for 10 minutes just to withdraw money for a bowl of fishball noodles. After all, it’s not like I can use my debit card at a hawker stall.

Hence, ever since the launch of the AXS mobile app three years ago, I’ve been actively using it to pay my bills.

Wait, haven’t you heard about the mobile app? You’re still paying your bills with cash?!


Well then, allow me to share with you how paying your bills has become much easier.

The only difficult part? Coming out with the money to pay them.

Paying with AXS Station

I’m fairly certain most of you are familiar with this machine. Chances are, you’ll be paying bills if you’re a full-fledged working adult (except those kids with rich parents).

We have been using the AXS Station since many years ago as it is a trusted platform for us to pay our bills. What’s more, the amount of readily available services makes it our go-to machine if we’re unsure where to pay certain bills or purchase certain services.

We love it so much, we decided to take a selfie with one today. BTW, the guy on the right looks strangely handsome. I wonder why.

In case you’re so fortunate that you won’t have to pay your bills, here’s what AXS Station is all about: it’s a subsidiary of DBS that allows you to pay for almost everything, from your bills to your parking fees, in one machine.

Or to be specific, in well over 900 machines scattered around Singapore.

Serious. We didn’t even know we had one near our office until my editor told me about it.

But of Course, Sometimes, You’ve got to Queue for the AXS Station

I do remember queuing at the AXS Stations to pay my bills, not that the queues were very long to begin with considering the number of readily available AXS Stations.

However, you do get someone who’s trying to pay 4 or 5 bills at once every now and then. Now, that person.


Waiting for that person to pay his/her bills is indeed a chore. Especially if he or she takes forever to decide whether to pay the full $120 bill or just $60 to cover one month.

But fret not. There’s something even more convenient than convenience, and it’s free.

Paying with AXS e-Station, because walking is too mainstream

Sounds too chim? Basically, it’s paying online.

Just go online, make payment like the AXS Station is in front of you and you’ll be free from all the reminder letters.

But hold your horses: it’s 2017. There must be an app for it, right?

There is.

Paying with AXS mobile app, because there’s an app for everything


Introducing the AXS mobile app. (For those of you who have no idea what it is)

Basically, imagine all the capabilities of the AXS Station being condensed into one small icon on your phone screen.

I love the convenience and I cannot lie.

Now, I don’t have to walk to the marketplace beside my house just to make payment for my bills. Or wait in the queue because someone decided to pay five bills at one go.

With 80 billing organisations and more, you don’t have to worry about not being able to pay your everyday bills.

Did I mention it’s free (the app, not your bills)?

But wait. There’s more. Imagine paying your bill with a smile.

No kidding. Read on.

Win a trip to New York, Sydney and other places just by paying your bill

Ever thought that you could win prizes just by paying your bills? Yeap, neither did I. It’s like thinking that my boss would promote me because I bought my lunch to work today.

With the AXS mobile app, you stand to win a priceless holiday experience when you use Mastercard or Masterpass™ to pay your bills!

Here’s how it works: there would be a lucky draw every three months, whereby a winner will be selected on the following dates to win a trip to one of these places:

  • 21 March 2018: 5D4N Maldives for 2
  • 20 June 2018: 4D3N to Sydney for 2
  • 26 June 2018: New York for 2 (this is the grand prize!)

A chance to win trips just by doing something you have to do (i.e. paying bills)? That’s the best thing since sliced bread!

How to Join

For a start, you need to be paying your bills via AXS e-Station (website) or AXS m-Station (app). Secondly, you need to pay with your Mastercard or Masterpass™.

Thirdly, you need to do this to as many AXS Stations as possible.

Well, actually not for the last part, but hey: if it helps, do thank me.

The trips include roundtrip flight tickets for 2, accommodation with daily breakfast for 2 and roundtrip airport transfers.

Here’re the basic steps (the very first step is, of course, to be in AXS e-Station or m-Station):

  • Select Mastercard or Masterpass™ as your payment mode.
  • Make a minimum payment of S$50 in a single transaction to receive one (1) chance. Double your chance to win with Masterpass™ by Mastercard.
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete your transaction. Your chance(s) will be allocated based on per unique bill account per qualifying period as stated below. Chance(s) for telco prepaid card top-up will be based by per transaction.

For more info, click here.

Oh, just something interesting: it’s not valid for payment to IRAS, LTA or any fines. So please, my friend: Don’t illegal park and tell your wife that you just want to win a trip to New York. That won’t work; you might as well kiss an AXS Station instead.

This article was first published on and is written in collaboration with AXS.

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